Time To Go Explore!

Days are getting shorter, temperatures are more refreshing. As good CommuterCruisers, it’s time to switch from slalom skiing at the lake to hiking in the mountains.

When Ya Gotta Go….

Gotta go, the lake is calling…..

Best Time To Go Cruising?

How to choose the best time in your life to go cruising. If you’re like us, it was a difficult decision with no right or wrong answers.

What Will the Last 10 Years of Your Life Look Like?

We spent Christmas at my Dad’s lifecare center. Some of the age 90+ folks are having a blast and some look like mere shadows of what I’m sure used to be fun people. A sailing friend posted this public service announcement: “What Will The Last 10 Years of Your Life Look Like?”. I don’t normally share other resources, but this one hits home.

Alaska Live: Photo Essays to Help You Plan Your Alaska Trip!

Years in the dreaming and planning, finally the Geezerheiken crew experiences Alaska. If you’re planning a bucket list trip to the vastness that is Alaska, join us — maybe you’ll get an idea of what you want to do … or not .. from our trip experiences. Or if you just want to look at some pretty scenery in the photo essays, join us! All the adventures, all right here! Click on the post’s title to link to the entire photo essay. Enjoy!

Hiking Without Trails? A Geezerheiken Dilemma!

We love to hike and call it “geezerheiken”, not because it’s a brew pub, but because we meander slowly, take our time and enjoy the walk. But Denali National Park doesn’t have hiking trails like most parks so this we wandered in the tundra with no trail, all the time wondering if around the next rise would be a grizzly bear….

Cruising Denali Park Road

Sometimes you just get lucky …. my photo essay of cruising the Denali Park Road. I didn’t realize that only 30% of visitors to Alaska ever get to see Mt McKinley – it’s so huge it generates its own weather systems! Are we in the 30% Club?

Ferries, Trains & RV’s! Planning A Bucket List Adventure

For us traveling solo is the best way to experience anywhere we travel. But it requires alot of work and planning up front to make it happen. Here’s how we approached for our upcoming Alaska bucket list adventure.

Who Cruises Alaska’s Inside Passage on the Ferry?

Inevitably, when someone learns we’re going to Alaska this summer, the first question is… “oh, are you taking a cruise?” Well, yes and no. We’re taking the ferry! Bucket List Adventures Await!

Cleaning a DSLR: My Camera Has Spots!

Do you have spots in your photos? Need to clean the DSLR camera sensor? Just before our big bucket list adventure, my camera has SPOTS! Oh NO!!! I’m sure there are much worse calamities, but I’ve been looking forward to getting a great (for me) photo of a bald eagle swooping down and catching a salmon in his claws for years. Aaarrggg!