Now What Did I Forget?

Packing for any bucket list adventure, we always try to pack so we can carry everything on so we don’t lose any time due to delayed or lost luggage. It’s always a challenge, but Alaska for a month is more challenging than usual because the weather could be mid70’s & sunny, or upper40’s and raining. YIKES!

10 Days to Go: Flatlander to Alaska Hiker

YIKES! Where did the last 12 weeks go. Now only 10 days to go to get this flatlander into shape to hike in Alaska, 1700 feet elevation gain in a couple miles.

5 Tips: Prepare for a Bucket List Adventure!

For most of us, a bucket list adventure will be a once in a lifetime experience. Don’t be disappointed! Here are some tips of things to do ahead of time to maximize your experience!

Flatlander to Alaska Hiker – On the Boat or At The Lake

Have you ever wondered how a flatlander gets in shape for an adventure of a lifetime, hiking in Alaska? We’re not entirely sure, but we have 12 weeks to get ready, so here’s how we’re starting…

US Navy Tiger Cruise

A very different kind of cruising — a US Navy Tiger Cruise from Pearl Harbor Naval Station to San Diego. Travel with us for 10 days aboard a “big deck” Navy ship with Marine helicopters, Harrier Jets, LCAC, LCUs and a complete US Marine City in the hold!