Time Flies ….

Boat dock in Ocracoke Village

Time flies when you’re having fun, whether it’s on the boat or in the travel trailer. We’re enroute back to the boat, but in the meantime, enjoy some photos from our time on the Outer Banks….

The Countdown Is On


Where did the summer go? Is it really almost time to return to the boat for the winter? Oh darn!

15 Don’t Miss Ideas for 4 Days in Denver


4 days in Denver? Highlights and suggestions on things you may want to do!

Racing and Almost Maiden Voyage for the Camper!

Y Flyers racing -- 19 boats at the Riviera Regatta... expecting more like 30 for Y Flyer Nationals.

Enjoying sailing and camping in our new Lance 1685 travel trailer — all in one week! Enjoying life!

Sailing Anyone?

Y Flyer 2802 with the old sails, still looking good, just not going as fast ...

s/v Winterlude may be tucked away for hurricane season but that doesn’t mean we aren’t enjoying sailing! Although I did suspect an ulterior motive when David asked me if I wanted to go sail “just for fun” in our little race boat. Our Y Flyer (18′ one design inland lake – usually – scow) desperately […]

When Ya Gotta Go….

First ski of the season ... I love being at the lake when it's ski season!

Gotta go, the lake is calling…..

Sailors Telling Tall Tales

Joe & Neydie racing club races on Lake Mattoon, IL.

Whenever sailors congregate, tall tales are sure to become even taller!

What Will the Last 10 Years of Your Life Look Like?


We spent Christmas at my Dad’s lifecare center. Some of the age 90+ folks are having a blast and some look like mere shadows of what I’m sure used to be fun people. A sailing friend posted this public service announcement: “What Will The Last 10 Years of Your Life Look Like?”. I don’t normally share other resources, but this one hits home.

Alaska Live: Photo Essays to Help You Plan Your Alaska Trip!

The view the other way...

Years in the dreaming and planning, finally the Geezerheiken crew experiences Alaska. If you’re planning a bucket list trip to the vastness that is Alaska, join us — maybe you’ll get an idea of what you want to do … or not .. from our trip experiences. Or if you just want to look at some pretty scenery in the photo essays, join us! All the adventures, all right here! Click on the post’s title to link to the entire photo essay. Enjoy!

And I Thought I Was Tired On an Overnight Passage!

And one happy big brother!

I remember being really tired after several overnight passages, but I think we’re even more tired staying with our grandkids while Mom & Dad are off for a well deserved mini-vacation.  It’s one of the privileges of being a part-time cruiser!  We’ll be back aboard in just a few days & then unpack the boat […]