Navy Airshow From the Dinghy

Our own personal US Navy Airshow … from our dinghy at the end of the runway.

Key West Race Week 2015 Fun Photos

I’m a sucker for the excitement the GC32 foiling catamarans, but here are 15 more photos showing Mini Maxis, Melges 24’s, a fleet of 54 J/70’s and the youngest skipper to ever compete in Key West Race Week (hint: he ended up 5th in 54 boats!).

Photo Day! Orchids & the Banyan Tree

“Being happy doesn’t mean that everything is perfect. It means that you’ve decided to look beyond the imperfections.”

IPhone Lets Me Down: No Underwater Photos

No underwater photos from snorkeling yesterday … here’s why and what to do about it.

Active & Carrying a Camera?

Ever take your camera hiking only to find you need two hands – for hiking poles or to scramble across a rock collapse in the trail. The camera swinging on its strap might upset your balance and there’s a LONG cliff below? Check this out!

LifeProof Case Bites The Dust.

I took my waterproof, except it was no longer waterproof, IPhone Lifeproof case white water rafting to snap some photos.

When Does a Wooly Worm Cross the Road?

Wooly worm, wooly worm …. crossing the road … are you a bit confused or did I lose a couple months?

Blood Moon Rising

Did you get up to see the Blood Moon lunar eclipse last night? Unfortunately the clouds obscured my photo session before I got it quite right, but it was WOW! Next time we get to do this is coming up on October 8, 2014, stay tuned!

“Blood” Moon Tonight!

Set your alarm for 3 AM EST & force yourself to get up & look for tonight’s “Blood Moon”! (Tuesday 4.15 3 AM EST).

Roller Furling Red-Bellied Woodpecker?

A red-bellied woodpecker enjoyed feasting on insects on my dock piling, then moved to another boat’s roller furling… uh oh…