Time To Go Explore!

Days are getting shorter, temperatures are more refreshing. As good CommuterCruisers, it’s time to switch from slalom skiing at the lake to hiking in the mountains.

Navy Airshow From the Dinghy

Our own personal US Navy Airshow … from our dinghy at the end of the runway.

To Yeti, or Not to Yeti ?

Are the new onslaught of “premium” coolers worth their cost? An unofficial test with a friend’s YETI Roadie 20 shows how long ice really lasts.

We’re Not In Kansas Anymore!

Meandering back to s/v Winterlude … Hailing from the central Illinois … black dirt, acres of corn and soybeans … but we’re not in Illinois (or Kansas). HELLO southern Georgia and cotton fields forever!

Time Flies ….

Time flies when you’re having fun, whether it’s on the boat or in the travel trailer. We’re enroute back to the boat, but in the meantime, enjoy some photos from our time on the Outer Banks….

The Last Shower….

You don’t think about a good hot shower until you leave a land-base to go cruising or camping. We have a new 12 star rating system for marina (and campground) showers. Check it out & help us compile 12 star shower facilities.

Transitions & Reflections…..

“The world is big and I want to have a good look at it before it gets dark.” ― John Muir It’s time for transitions and reflections … see what we’re up to day to day on our way back to the boat.

Blue Highways … A Journey into America

It’s rare to read a book and wish it was longer …

Checklist to Leave the House

Fall is fast approaching meaning we’ll be leaving the house for several months. Need a starter checklist for leaving the house?

15 Don’t Miss Ideas for 4 Days in Denver

4 days in Denver? Highlights and suggestions on things you may want to do!