To Yeti, or Not to Yeti ?

Are the new onslaught of “premium” coolers worth their cost? An unofficial test with a friend’s YETI Roadie 20 shows how long ice really lasts.

Time Flies ….

Time flies when you’re having fun, whether it’s on the boat or in the travel trailer. We’re enroute back to the boat, but in the meantime, enjoy some photos from our time on the Outer Banks….

Which Microwave Steamer Is Best?

Who knew my favorite old microwave steamer was unsafe, until I did some research for a new one for the trailer. I’m going to replace the one at the lake and the one on the boat with this one.

12v Charging Electronics on the Water or Road

Figuring out how to power my MacBook Air, our phones and other gadgets with 12 volt plugs we had added to the travel trailer (already in the boat), was a challenge! So far, so good!

Hail to Our New Lance 1685 Travel Trailer!

Weird weather!

In The Beginning

In the beginning there were 2 people, a boat and a dream. Now after 14 years, the people, boat and dreams remain, but there’s more!

My Newest Life Jacket

Charlie Tuna already has one of my cell phones, I don’t intend to give him a phone upgrade with my new camera phone!

Not All Beaches Are Lucky Enough to Have Shells!

I love days where we just enjoy this lifestyle… Beachcombing with friends on our favorite beach, visiting with the local gators & NO projects!!!

Alaska Live: Photo Essays to Help You Plan Your Alaska Trip!

Years in the dreaming and planning, finally the Geezerheiken crew experiences Alaska. If you’re planning a bucket list trip to the vastness that is Alaska, join us — maybe you’ll get an idea of what you want to do … or not .. from our trip experiences. Or if you just want to look at some pretty scenery in the photo essays, join us! All the adventures, all right here! Click on the post’s title to link to the entire photo essay. Enjoy!

Cruising Denali Park Road

Sometimes you just get lucky …. my photo essay of cruising the Denali Park Road. I didn’t realize that only 30% of visitors to Alaska ever get to see Mt McKinley – it’s so huge it generates its own weather systems! Are we in the 30% Club?