Navy Airshow From the Dinghy

Our own personal US Navy Airshow … from our dinghy at the end of the runway.

Transitions & Reflections…..

“The world is big and I want to have a good look at it before it gets dark.” ― John Muir It’s time for transitions and reflections … see what we’re up to day to day on our way back to the boat.

Checklist to Leave the House

Fall is fast approaching meaning we’ll be leaving the house for several months. Need a starter checklist for leaving the house?

Leave These OUT of Your Boat Fridge

Refrigerators on boats are small. So what goes in & what can safely stay out?

Pump Out vs Dump Station

Pumpout Boat

Nautical terminology it seems is always more “romantic” than camping terminology!

30 Ideas for Boneless Skinless Chicken Breasts

Even though you’ll probably never eat boneless skinless chicken breasts every night for a month, here’s a month’s worth of ideas so you’ll never eat the same thing twice!

Coming Soon…..

Life is Good! Lots & lots of new adventures to come!

Sail Far! Live Longer.


Our buddy boat from the Western Caribbean connected with mutual cruising friends that are biking (as in bicycle) across Thailand. Tom gave Doug a new book and Doug told us to get it. After spending the last two weeks around hospitals and nursing homes, we’re committed to trying anything to stay away from there in our futures.

Surf n Turf! Dinner or Lifestyle?

Usually Surf n Turf refers to a culinary delight combining lobster and steak. One from the deep blue sea and the other ranging the Wild West. We’re choosing to give Surf and Turf a whole new twist! 🙂