Anyone Get a Kindle for Christmas?

Despite having an “agreement” and a price limit on Christmas presents for each other, David broke all the rules and bought me a new Kindle Paperwhite.   🙂

I think he had an ulterior motive, he’s been reading my Kindle Touch so much that I don’t ever get a chance…  he even asked for a Kindle light on his Christmas list.  You think he was thinking of getting my hand-me-downs?   Well, it worked.

Despite neither of us being fans of reading on electronic devices, there’s a place for everything and as much as we travel, carrying a Kindle is not only smaller and lighter, but also offers many choices versus only one book — what if I’m not in the mood for that book & would prefer another choice – am I spoiled rotten or what!   And when we take our extended adventure to Alaska next summer, it should be a perfect way to take extra reading material, as well as books detailing hikes in Chugach National Forest and many others!   🙂

PLUS just before Christmas, we got REALLY good news from McGraw Hill/International Marine Publishing!

After releasing the Kindle version of The Boat Galley Cookbook in conjunction with the printed book, and discovering that none of the links worked, they pulled it from the market to redo it correctly.  Carolyn & I did a spreadsheet with over 1,400 links & their locations so the Kindle version could be corrected to be useful.

And the updated version was JUST RELEASED before Christmas on Amazon!

So if you’ve been waiting for The Boat Galley Cookbook for Kindle, now’s the time!  🙂  Here’s the link:

Buy The Boat Galley Cookbook for Kindle on Amazon!

And don’t forget, if you want to check out a sample to decide if you want the Kindle version or if the real book would be better for you, you can download the sample now!

We understand the Nook, IPad and other e-book versions are coming soon, so stay tuned!

And if, like me, you purchased the original Kindle version when it was first released before it was withdrawn, this came out after McGraw Hill closed until January 2 for the holidays.  I’m working on getting it so I can download the corrected version as soon as possible – so hang on, we’ll have news about that, hopefully soon!  And, of course, as soon as I know how to get the corrected version on MY Kindle, I’ll let you know too!   🙂

The Boat Galley Cookbook as just be re-released on Kindle! If you’ve been waiting, now’s the time!

I hope you had a very Merry Christmas & if you’re looking for books to load on your new Christmas Kindle, don’t forget The Boat Galley Cookbook! THANKS & Cheers — Jan



  1. Martin Henry says:


    When will the iPad version be released!

    • Hi Martin! We are assuming the Nook, IPad and other e-book formats will be released right after Christmas. But since the Kindle version was released after McGraw Hill closed for the holidays until January 2, the short answer is we don’t know. But we’ll find out when they’re open again & we’ll let everyone know! I’ve been checking ITunes daily FYI, and Carolyn’s been checking Barnes & Noble, but nothing yet. THANKS & I hope you had a wonderful Christmas and HAPPY NEW YEAR!!!

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