Celebrating Groundhog Day?

The “The Boat Galley Cookbook” has a chapter that’s a bit unique in cookbooks aboard — a chapter for holidays – not just major holidays.  Cruisers are always looking for a “reason” to celebrate – like St Pat’s Day – how about a Rueben and a green beer … or a Kentucky Hot Brown and a mint julep for a Kentucky Derby party …. or making easter egg dye or … holidays are fun and if you have a bit of advance preparation, cruisers can celebrate whatever the favorite holiday may be! (Remember, you can get one on Amazon!)

So in anticipation of Groundhog Day (Feb 2), we have “Dirt Cake” …. a fun way to celebrate Groundhog Day! So if you’re looking for an excuse for a celebration, make our cake and celebrate Punxsutawney Phil NOT seeing his shadow … thus getting RID of regular northers for the rest of the winter for all us cruisers!   🙂

Remember, if the groundhog sees his shadow, he’ll hide and there will be six more weeks of winter…. but if it’s cloudy and he doesn’t see his shadow, he’ll leave the burrow signifying that winter will soon end. Since, as cruisers, we’re hopefully in WARM weather already, the groundhog leaving his burrow signifies that cold fronts will soon cease and if he sees his shadow and hides, we’ll have six more weeks of winter cold fronts.  BOOOOO!!!!!

So what’s the weather forecast at 7:20 AM February 2nd at Gobblers Knob in Punxsutawney, Pennsylvania????  Today it’s supposed to be a 60% chance of rain.  Tomorrow (Thursday) morning it’s partly sunny AM and cloudy PM — so we’re hoping either the rain doesn’t clear out as soon as predicted OR the afternoon clouds move in early – we want the every few day northers to GO AWAY so we can go to the Bahamas without hiding from Northers every few days.   WooHoo – celebrate Groundhog Day!!!

Oreo Dirt Cake -- Substitute A Gummy Groundhog for Gummy Worms!

Oreo Dirt Cake — Substitute A Gummy Groundhog for Gummy Worms!

Dirt Cake (Groundhog Day)

These ingredients may be hard to find unless you’re in a good-sized city. And you need to have refrigerator space to chill it, too. But if you can manage it, this is great fun for Groundhog Day!

Total Time: 30 minutes, plus chill time

Prep Time: 30 minutes

Serves: 8-10

1 (20-ounce) package Oreos OR other chocolate sandwich cookies

4 tablespoons butter OR margarine

8 ounces softened cream cheese

1 cup powdered sugar

31/2 cups milk

2 (4 serving) packages vanilla or French vanilla instant pudding

12 ounces whipped topping

Soften the butter and cream cheese. Cream them together with the powdered sugar.

Mix the pudding with the milk, then stir in the whipped topping. Finally mix in the butter/cream cheese/sugar mixture.

Mash the entire package of Oreos – use a rolling pin, wine bottle, hammer (lightly) or your hands.

Layer the crumbled cookies in the bottom of a nonstick (or greased) cake pan or a lidded plastic container or bowl (this is not baked, so it does not have to be heat proof), then the pudding mixture, then more crumbled cookies, then more pudding mixture. Crumbled cookies should be the top layer.

Chill for 3 hours before serving. Find a small plastic toy or gummy critter that resembles a groundhog to stick in the “dirt”, it’ll be even better if it looks like he’s emerging from hibernation!    Cheers! & Enjoy!

So what do you do to celebrate Groundhog Day on your boat?  Leave a comment and let us know, maybe we’ll start a new tradition tomorrow!  🙂

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