Chris Parker July August Schedule Update

Worried that Chris Parker is only broadcasting weather Monday/Wednesday/Friday?  Several commuterCRUISER readers have been asking.  We all know how critical it is to get daily weather updates as cruisers.

Chris Parker's Marine Weather Center online.

Chris Parker’s Marine Weather Center online.

The good news is that Chris announced July 8 that he’s in the process of major upgrades and relocating his office.  And if major weather threatens, he’ll be sure to let everyone know.   Here’s the e-mail I received FYI….

In order to complete major enhancements to my SSB installation and relocate office space…

Beginning Monday, July 8, 2014 I will work the following reduced schedule for July and August:

CLOSED on Tuesdays / Thursdays / Saturdays / Sundays (unless Tropical weather threatens, in which case I’ll conduct normal operations on these days – to the extent necessary to address Tropical weather).

OPEN on Mondays / Wednesdays / Fridays, on the following schedule:
SSB Voice Nets (and simultaneous Internet Webcasts):
4045 USB at 6:30am AST/EDT (1030 utc)
8137 USB at 7:00am (or a few minutes after) AST/EDT (1100 utc)
8104 USB at 8:30am (or a few minutes after) AST/EDT (1230 utc)
12350 USB at 9:15am AST/EDT (1315 utc)

Regional Daily Email forecasts: Monday, Wednesday, Friday (additional days as necessary if Tropical weather threatens). I’ll try to email forecasts earlier – for the past couple months I have devoted several “normal working hours” most weekdays to preparing for planned improvements. Going forward, I should be able to devote most of my attention to weather duties on Mondays, Wednesdays, Fridays.

Custom email and phone-in forecasts: available 7 days/week after 10am, but prefer Monday, Wednesday, Friday.

More details on service improvements in the coming months…thank you for your support!…Chris.

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