Christmas Piranha Potluck

Cruisers love a good potluck, usually held on a beach or somewhere central to where the cruisers hang out.  Tonight’s potluck was sponsored by the marina and held under the Tiki Hut.  While there were almost no cruisers, there were lots of crock pots full of savory aromatic yummy stuff food and unlike a true cruiser’s potluck. plenty for all.

Eileen Quinn, a cruiser that writes songs looking at the humorous side of normal cruising activities, has a song about potlucks entitled “Piranha Potluck”.   Piranha Potluck, buy the CD or MP3 for Mean Low Water/Piranha Potluck on Amazon  

Some of the lyrics…..

Piranha Potluck

“….. get there early when you heed the call,

the last half of the line doesn’t eat at all.

There’s nothing, no there’s nothin’ that can breed such pain

as a hungry cruiser with an empty plate.

No more food, no more wine…

now they’re eating the guy, first in line…

at the potluck, Piranha potluck….”

Luckily our potluck had plenty of food.   Whew, I’m always a bit worried.   🙂

Plenty of food ... luckily since we were almost last in line!

Plenty of food … lucky since we were almost last in line!


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