Cruiser Father’s Day Gift Ideas … Mostly Under $100

Father’s Day is right around the corner! If you click on the items below, Commuter Cruiser will earn a small percentage of the purchase and it won’t cost you an extra dime – if you want to help support Commuter Cruiser, this is a great way to do it!  And THANKS!

In the meantime, I’m looking for ideas for David so if anyone can help out,  I’m taking recommendations for something unique – please leave a comment below with ideas.  THANKS!  Jan

One of the major benefits of being anchored out is the slower lifestyle (well, most days) and time to think about what’s important in our lives and appreciate everything we have.   Without David, I wouldn’t want to go cruising so I try to appreciate every adventure we have together.

In the meantime, here are some ideas for some fun things for cruisers that want to get cruiser Father’s Day gift, mostly well under $100….

Vinturi Wine Aerator

1. Vinturi Wine Aerator. We love wine.  Wine aboard Winterlude is usually not expensive well-aged wine – in fact, we’ve found that young inexpensive wines age much quicker with all the motion of the boat.   The Vinturi Wine Aerator basically does the same thing as decanting the wine for about 30 minutes.   Here’s the description from the manufacturer:

Easily and conveniently enhance the flavor, bouquet, and finish of any wine with Vinturi’s Essential Wine Aerator. Wine needs to breathe to allow it to open up, release its intended aromas, and of course, make it taste better. Vinturi’s patent-pending design speeds up this process by instantly aerating with ease and convenience in the time it takes to pour a glass of wine.

Inviting Us to Tonga, Onne Van Der Wal's Photo Makes Me Want to Cruise to the South Seas ...

2.  Framed Poster or Print by Onne Van Der Wal.   If you’re still in the dreaming of cruising phase, Onne Van Der Wal’s photos make the dream come alive.   I love photography by Onne Van Der Wal.  He has such a wonderful artsy eye for some of the everyday visuals that we see.  So why am I not artistic enough to take that photo and make money selling my art?  Oh well, guess I’m just grateful to see the scene with my own eyes, regardless if I’m talented enough to translate it into art.  🙂    Of course, we’ve not been lucky enough to see most of  the scenes in Mr Van Der Wal’s photos, but cruisers still in the dreaming stage are not the only ones still dreaming!  🙂

String a Hammock Between the Forestay & Mast

3. A Boat Hammock. David bought mine from a Columbian Trading Boat in the San Blas Islands as a Valentine’s Day gift.  We have a hammock at the lake cottage as well as one the boat.  I do like the wooden spreaders at each end if your boat space allows, but if there’s not room aboard, a regular hammock without the wooden spreaders at each end will be fine.  David bought a “matrimonial” version as opposed to a “solo” size — i.e. supposedly two people as opposed to one.   It’s a bit tight for two, but fun to watch the stars together nonetheless.  It’s also great as “my space” for alone time while David’s taking a shower just before sunset.

The New Version of My Nikon 8 X 25 Waterproof Binoculars

5.  My Nikon Binoculars ... We have two “good” pairs of binoculars – one is  7 X 50, one with a built in compass but not waterproof and the other, the fancy stabilization variety – which I must say we rarely use and NEVER used outside the U.S. because there were no markers to look at.    “My” binoculars we originally bought for kayaking and birdwatching – they’re smaller, lighter and waterproof, but not so powerful and no compass.  We love them.  They are always the go to binocs for taking in the dinghy exploring — up a jungle river to watch the sloths, monkeys and colorful birds.   I don’t think they’re a replacement for the real thing with a built in compass, but they’ve sure gotten a lot of use over the past 10 years!  And I use them on watch rather than having to adjust David’s binocs for my eyes.  And I see stuff almost as well as he does.  Besides anything questionable and we turn on the radar to check it out.  Boats with newer electronics would check out AIS, but we don’t have it.

Reef Set: Reef Fish, Creatures and Coral by Paul Humann

6.  The Reef Set:  Reef Fish, Creatures and Coral. When we were certified for scuba prior to buying s/v Winterlude, I bought the first book in this set, Reef Fish.  After we went cruising, there was so much coral, starfish, octopus, zillions of things and I wanted to know what all of them are!  So I ended up buying the other two books separately.   It’s much more cost effective to invest in the set!

7.  Kindle It seems like every other cruiser I meet these days is sporting a Kindle or some version of electronic reader.  I’m not entirely sold, but I will admit, it would allow a lot more variety of books aboard without taking up any space.  And since everyone else seems sold on the concept, if you’re inclined, give someone a Kindle!  I learned a tip — if you have two in the same family, put them in the same exact name – that way both Kindles can have the same books without extra charge.  But don’t rely on me to know that’s for sure accurate, do your own research to make certain before you try it.  And leave a comment below and share with the rest of us!

Petzl or Black Diamond Headlamp

8.  A Petzl Headlamp.  We started using headlamps back before all the major battery brands had jumped on the bandwagon … and despite having tried a couple of the “battery brands”, we’ve gone back to Petzl or Black Diamond.  None of them last forever, but with these two brands, we’ve had the elastic wear out before the headlamp!  Refreshing.  But the “battery brands” are less expensive … and less reliable.  We use one just about every day — for peering into to dark corners of the engine room, looking for the elusive dropped lock nut when trying to replace the salt water pump/impeller — to looking into the can locker after dark to find a can of pinto beans.

Tifosi Polarized Sunglasses

9.  Tifosi Polarized Sunglasses.  My husband David swears by his Tifosi Polarized Sunglasses.  He’s on his second pair.  They’re priced much more reasonably than my favorite, Maui Jim, and seem to be just as effective on the polarization.  When I look through my Maui Jims & then David’s Tifosi’s – they sure look similar to me.  And under $100 seems to be a more reasonable price than ….. a lot more.   Unfortunately Tifosi doesn’t make a frame for narrow faces, otherwise I might have a pair or two!  But looking like Fearless Fly is not me.   🙂   For more information, check out the Tifosi website here.

10.  Dremel. The best multi-purpose tool in the world.  David’s used it for everything … including enlarging the size of the hole of our deck waste fill when the U.S. version was slightly larger than the original Taiwanese version.  There are a gazillion versions, pick the one that’s right for you & your boat.

Happy Father’s Day & be sure to enjoy the people in your life more than the presents!  Anyone have an idea for Father’s Day under $110 that’s not on our list?  Please leave a comment and let us know!  I’m looking for a present for David!  🙂


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