LifeProof Case Bites The Dust.

When the IPhone 5s came out, I decided to upgrade my IPhone 4.  No battery life, but a cool phone.  In the meantime, I got a LifeProof waterproof case for the phone along with a LifeProof Life Preserver.  All of which have served me well… for exactly six months.   SIX . (6) . months.  I don’t think that’s a great payout for a hundred dollar investment to keep my new IPhone waterproof and floating.

Beginner Rafting on Clear Creek, Idaho Springs, CO

Look very closely — I’m behind David on the right side of this photo – there’s a black strap across my lifevest with an orange LifeProof Life Preserver just above the handle of David’s paddle.

A few weeks ago I took the IPhone 5s LifeProof Case & Life Preserver white water rafting on Clear Creek outside of Denver while visiting our son.  Shortly after, Billy said — “Mom, this LifeProof case sucks – I don’t understand what you see in it.”

See the

See the “bubble” where on the bottom of the Lifeproof case? No way it’s still waterproof!

WHAAATTTT????  I love this waterproof case.  But it turns out it’s not waterproof anymore.  The screen protector part has pulled loose from the case, rendering the phone NOT WATERPROOF!  Leaving a big gap between the screen protector and the screen, making it almost impossible to use the touch type screen.

Good thing I didn’t submerse it accidentally when we were white-water rafting!

The warranty photo that Lifeproof requested.

The warranty photo that Lifeproof requested.

Since I’d only had it six months, I e-mailed LifeProof.  In literally less than 24 hours, I had a return e-mail asking me to provide a photo with the case apart, pointing out the problem against a white sheet of paper with my contact info.  And less than a few days later, I received an e-mail saying my replacement Lifeproof case was on the way.

No questions, no run-around, no “you did this and must have caused that” … blah blah blah…

(UPDATE:  Since I wrote this post, I’ve heard from several readers who have had the same problem.  Apparently the replacement guarantee is only good one time, so when cases fall apart the next time, they were out of luck.  Most reported the replacement case took another 6-11 months to fail.  I am sincerely hoping this is not what I experience since I like the case so much, but time will tell….. )

Shortly after e-mailing the requested warranty photo, I have a brand new Lifeproof case for my IPhone!

Shortly after e-mailing the requested warranty photo, I have a brand new Lifeproof case for my IPhone!

Just a replacement case.  Not even contingent on my returning the bad one – at my expense.

WOW!  Customer service is NOT dead!  I am amazed and happy, happy, happy!

Anyone had any experiences with Lifeproof that you loved … or otherwise?  Please leave a comment and share.  Cheers!  Jan


  1. I’ve had a similar results with their service with the Fre’ version after I lost a phone due to water damage. I switched last year to the Nud version of the case and it started to fall apart at about 11 months which they also replaced. Trouble is they only replace them once and I would expect these cases for that cost to be indestructible. Right after I got the last replacement I came across the SnowLizzard. It’s a bit more expensive but comes with a built in external battery and solar panel. Probably not good for everyday use but on the water it looks to be a good one. I really like the idea of the solar panel where for every hour of sun it will give you 10 mins of talk time. Amazon has them for $129
    Here’s a review:

    • Hi John! You just confirmed something I’ve been a bit worried about. I’m sure the reason the screen protector on the Fre pulled loose is because you have to open the little door on the bottom every day to charge the phone. I’m not charging any less and I’m wondering how long this one will last. Carolyn over at The Boat Galley just found a different waterproof case she loves for her Android and they make them for IPhones. If my LifeProof case goes bad again, this is likely what I’ll switch to …

  2. Have you tried roadeavour?

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