Don’t Do This!

My favorite khaki shorts ... now with bleach spots -- DUMB DUMB DUMB!

My favorite khaki shorts … now with bleach spots — DUMB DUMB DUMB!


Before becoming boat owners, we used to chuckle at friends whose clothing was always stained – clean but stained.  It seemed that life aboard a boat is hard on clothes.

We found that it’s really easy to ruin perfectly good clothes – and totally inexcusable.  Recently I decided to wipe down the head with a bleach water solution – keeps it clean and I like the “clean” smell of the bleach solution.  For such a quick project, I didn’t change into “work clothes”.

BIG MISTAKE!  Now one of my favorite pair of Columbia khaki casual shorts have bleach spots.   And all because I didn’t take a minute to change into old clothes for a 3 minute project.

Be sure to take a minute to change if there’s ANY chance anything you might be using in your next boat project might damage something you’re wearing… like David’s favorite yellow quick dry shirt …. with spanish mackerel blood spots all over it.  🙁  Don’t wear your favorite clothes if there’s ANY chance of mishap.

Have a great day.  If you have any other “don’t make this dumb mistake” tips, please leave a comment and share!  Cheers!  Jan



  1. Larry - DH says:

    Jan you didn’t state if you used bleach inside the bowl, but one of Peggie Hall’s recommendations is not to use bleach in the waste system because it kills aerobic bacteria in the holding tank which are required to keep the tank odor under control. In her book GET RID OF BOAT ODORS she discusses aerobic and anaerobic bacteria, but bottom line is that aerobic bacteria break down organic matter in a way that reduces stink, and anaerobic bacteria intensify stink. If you kill all bacteria (as with bleach) then the holding tank will stink. We use Raritan CP which is her recommendation for cleaning and deodorizing inside the bowl, and if we run out of that we just use white vinegar and wing it with a bit of soapy water with whatever holding tank deodorizer is available.

    • Larry - DH says:

      BTW I have no affiliation with Raritan or Peggie Hall.

      • Hi Larry! I’m a huge Peggie fan myself and no bleach inside the bowl of our Raritan PHII head. I use white vinegar. The bleach solution is used to wipe down the counters, the walls etc. When we first got the boat I used Raritan CP, but after we left the country and I couldn’t get it anymore, I got out of the habit & now just use white vinegar. THANKS! Jan

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