Eerily Quiet ….

Good Morning All!

Anchored out at Cayo Costa, a barrier island paradise just north of Sanibel and Captiva Islands, we’re soaking in the ambiance and enjoying being anchored out. The beachcombing is great, the weather is sunny and mid to high 70’s, life is good. We’re sleeping better than normal too…

For whatever reason, our KISS wind generator seems to have gotten tired of working for us and flatly refuses to generate amps (that would be spinning). But a big benefit of no amps is how QUIET it is at night! We’re used to the hummmm the KISS wind generator puts out as it buzzes right along pumping in amps all night long. It’s our gauge on how windy and without it, we’re a bit lost. Eeerily quiet!

Usually when something goes wrong, it’s the idiots in charge (that would be me or David) that inadvertently caused it by fixing something else. So the first thing we do when something isn’t working is THINK … what were we working on that was in ANY way close in proximity to whatever it is that’s not working today.

Hmmm…. David was wirebrushing the rust off our rudder post just before we left the dock so he can paint it and retard the rust for future. Wirebrushing the rudder post required him to be in both the lazerettes, in somewhat close proximity to the wiring for the wind generator.

The KISS acts like it’s turned off — but it’s not turned off, we’ve flipped the switch back and forth several times. There are no splices between the switch and the wind generator so it’s not like the wiring has come loose or corroded anywhere between the two. Guess sometime later … hopefully when there’s a bit of wind, right now it’s dead calm and I’m listening to the seagull cries and an occasional dolphin spouting and splashing… but the day awaits and it’s time to play! 🙂 Have a great day!

Cheers! Jan & David

P.S. Yes, John Gambill at – if we cannot figure it out, calling you will be next in our diagnostics, but not right now. 🙂

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