Fat Free “Fried” Potatoes

If you’re like me, you grew up eating fried potatoes and onions regularly.  My family loved them.   Then along came our emphasis on diet to combat David’s heart blockage and fried potatoes & onions were no longer “allowed”.  Since then I’ve been trying to re-incorporate some of the foods we love, cutting out (or at least back on) the fat and making them fat free.

The converted “fried” potatoes & onions is so simple and tasty that once again, it’s back in our normal day to day diets.  But this time, it’s fat free.  Admittedly, making it fat free meant giving up some things, one of which was the crunchy parts I used to love.  But if I forget about the crunchy goodness, and just enjoy the “fried” potatoes, they’re equally as good, just a bit different.

Here’s how we do it….

Fat Free Fried Potatoes

Fat Free Fried Potatoes

Cut up 1-2 medium potatoes per person — number of potatoes depends on if you want leftovers.   Leave the skins on, it contains a lot of the 16% of the daily requirement for fiber and 35% of the daily Vitamin C requirement.

We really prefer red potatoes for this recipe, but this time I could only find regular idaho potatoes.

Slice the potatoes thin, either julienned or just thin quarter slices.  I cut the potatoes into halves or quarters depending on size and then thin slice.

Sliver your onions – we like Vidalia, but use whatever we can get wherever we are.  We like liberal onions, but use however many you prefer.

Add a generous dollop of minced garlic and whatever seasonings you prefer.  I’m a big fan of McCormicks’s Roasted Garlic & Herb, although if you use it, don’t add any more salt.  The first ingredient listed on the Roasted Garlic & Herb spice label is salt (imagine that).  Then a generous sprinkling of cracked black pepper.

Stir them all up and pour in just enough broth to get them steaming/sizzling.  You may need to add more before the cooking process is done, so watch closely.  We use vegetable broth since we’re trying to cut back on meat products, but chicken or beef broth would be tasty too, just watch the fat content on the can or label – Swanson Chicken Broth boasts 99% fat free and lists no fat on the label, but it still contains a bit of fat in that 1%.   🙂

Stir frequently to see if you need to add broth.  The goal is to get the potatoes to steam in the liquid, but not really boil making them soggy.  It’s a fine line, and they’re still good if there’s too much broth, just make sure it’s not covering the potatoes.

Use a fork to determine when they’re done to your preference.  I prefer them to be still a bit crunchy, less done; David wants them fall off the fork done, so we compromise.

Enjoy!   Anyone else have “fat free” recipes to share?  I’m always looking to expand our food selection!

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