Fat FREE Red Pepper Garlic Hummus

If you’re like me, you love hummus — especially the extra garlicky varieties.  And I thought it was a very healthy dip – especially when compared to sour cream or cream cheese dips I like.  But have you ever checked the fat content in hummus?  It’s not as healthy as I once thought, primarily due to the tahani – tahani is sesame seed paste.   2 Tablespoons of sour cream can add 5 fat grams to your diet — but 2 Tablespoons of hummus can add SIX fat grams.  Wow, is there nothing David & I can eat these days?   (If you missed last summer’s post, David has a 90% heart blockage luckily in a spot that can be treated with medication, but since he was diagnosed, we’ve been trying to cut our fat intake drastically.)

I started making my own hummus with variable results – and that’s being kind.  But we’ve finally settled on a Red Pepper Garlic Hummus that tastes good and satisfies our snacking impulse with zero fat!     If you’d like to try it, unfortunately it requires either a blender, a small food processor or the real thing.  We have a small food chopper made by Cuisinart that does a pretty good job and doesn’t take too much space.  Of course, it’s also more power than we like to use at anchor, although I did use it a few times while we were in the Exumas.  And it only holds a small amount.

Small Noisy Cuisinart Mini-Prep

Here’s my Red Pepper Garlic Hummus recipe — if you don’t like the result, do what I did and start experimenting until you find a combination you love!

Red Pepper Garlic Hummus, perfect with veggies!

Red Pepper Garlic Hummus

1 can Garbanzo Beans (chick peas) – rinsed

1/2 jar Roasted Red Peppers – including half the liquid – mine is packed in water

Garlic – as much as you like – I usually start with a couple of teaspoons minced garlic and then increase it to taste

Dash hot sauce – to taste

Dash salt & pepper – to taste

Put it all in the blender or mini-prep and blend away until it’s the consistency you like.  We like ours just short of smooth, so it has a bit of a texture.  If it’s too thick, add a bit of vegetable broth, or chicken broth to thin it to your preference.  If you don’t have broth, you can add whatever liquid you’d prefer – even water.

Enjoy in the cockpit at sunset with a beverage of your choice!  Your cockpit view is most likely better than any 5 star hotel!  🙂

Anyone else have a favorite make your own hummus recipe?  Please leave a comment and share!   Cheers!  Jan

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