Fish! We Got A Fish!!!

Ever since we returned from six years in the Western Caribbean, we’ve been missing eating fresh fish a few times a week.  In the Western Caribbean, David turned into a reasonably proficient spearfisherman … surprised him, but it was really YUMMY!

Since we’ve returned to Florida, we haven’t caught any fish for almost 3 years … we were never very good with the ocean trolling pole or the casting rod, although we have both aboard.

So one of our goals this winter is to eat fresh fish again, courtesy of our own efforts.  Spearfishing isn’t exactly the “thing” in SW Florida, so we decided to try to learn to “fish”.

Our first efforts were certainly not exactly supportive… BUT today was different!

Tonight we ate fresh Black Sea Bass, courtesy of David’s trolling and my dinghy driving!

+ 12 inch gulf black sea bass … minimum is 10″ and this one was a plump little guy, giving us 2 good sized fillets for dinner! YUM! Fresh Fish… FINALLY!!!

Of course, first we caught a Crevalle Jack — not good eating and not big enough, so we threw him back — but at least we’d finally had a bite!  Things are looking UP!!

Unfortunately that was the only lure we had aboard and the fish chewed it in half…. so we zoomed a mile or more back to the anchored boat to re-supply our fishing stuff.   Did I mention we’re learning as we go????

Now we got out again and …. first thing, we lose a perfectly good lure … hum, seems our knot-tying needs a bit of perfecting…

Then … VOILA!  A Black Sea Bass — over 12 inches long, not huge, but above the 10″ minimum requirement for Gulf Black Sea Bass and chubby…. YUM, fresh fish for dinner!

David threw the lure out again and immediately hooked a BIG silvery something … maybe a Kingfish … but as noted before,  we need practice on our knot tying … we could see him fighting the lure just beneath the surface, big and beautiful … but …SUCH a bummer as he swims away!

But we have the Black Sea Bass and dinner in the bucket.  So we head back to the boat ready to finally fillet our first fresh fish since we returned from the Western Caribbean!

Things are DEFINITELY looking up!  David wants to go dinghy fishing again in the morning … I guess he wants to test the newly retied knots against the kingfish!  With any luck we’ll have fresh kingfish for dinner tomorrow!

Any one dinghy fishing with lots of good results that wants to give us some tips?   We can use all the help we can get!!! Please leave a comment and enlighten us newby dinghy fisherpersons!  Cheers!  Jan



  1. Your blog has become a daily reading staple … love it. Keep up the great ideas and fun “goings on.” I hope to bump into you someday … well not anchor dragging bump, but you know what I mean. 😉

  2. I, too, learned the hard way how to get the hook to stay on the line. Then there was the time my “bowline” wasn’t, and the dinghy drifted away while we were snorkeling….
    ANyway, this is really clear, and other readers of your blog might benefit too:
    P.S. NOT that you guys are dummies (I do hate the whole “______ for Dummies” thing, actually. Maybe because I didn’t think it up!)

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