Green Lines Go AWAY!

When we return to the boat, inevitably the lines have a nice bright coating of green … unfortunately it’s BRIGHT green and not the dark dark green that would match the boat.  So if it doesn’t match the boat, it has to go.

You can spend alot of time taking lines off and laundering them, or you can soak them in bleach water, rub them a bit and lay them in the sun to dry.  I don’t know if it’s deteriorating our lines, but they’re mold free again this evening … and they’ll stay that way until we leave the boat for another six months next summer.

I’ve also laid the lines out on the dock, wet them down with the hose, taken a scrub brush with bleach water to them then rinsed them with the high pressure squirt on the hose again.  That worked too, but the soak method seems to be easier.

An Old Cooler Is Perfect for Soaking Lines in Bleach Water

An Old Cooler Is Perfect for Soaking Lines in Bleach Water

When you move back aboard, anything you can do easier is great!

We also soak our dorades in the bucket with bleach water – a sponge wipes them clean.  We’re not fortunate enough to have the bright shiny metal dorades, ours are white plastic & gather mold over the summer… outside, of course.

Too bad the bleach water didn’t clean the mold off my companionway exterior teak….  it still looks horrible.  Guess it’ll be time to strip and start over with varnish instead of cetol.   The caprail we redid in varnish last spring still looks great.  I’ll put another coat or two on, but that’s no different than we did with cetol & I think it looks better.

How do you clean the greens off your lines?  Any better ideas?  THX!  Jan



  1. Amber Amodei via Facebook says:

    Yes, yes it is well worth it

  2. Larry - DH says:

    I use a power washer, with the nozzle far enough away not to damage the lay. I lay out the rope straight in ~20 foot lengths on pavement and roll it with my foot to clean all sides as I work my way along it.
    I had a polyester mesh rode bag that I bleached and it turned permanently pink. Not that there’s anything wrong with that 🙂 I’ve also read that it can affect other materials but I’m not sure whether it weakens rope fibers.

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