Have A Very Merry Christmas!

Merry Christmas!  It looks like Santa found us once again, sliding down our mast in liu of the traditional chimney!



We get alot of questions about whether we decorate for Christmas aboard the boat.  Obviously everything is tiny since there’s not much space to store something that’s only used a few weeks a year.  But we have a tiny tree, a tiny creche, a “Let It Snow” banner made for a mantel that fits perfectly across our salon back wall and several Christmas tree decorations hanging on door latches – my favorite says “I Love Snow Days”.  Notice a “Winterlude” theme here?   🙂

… we’re a bit nostalgic aboard s/v Winterlude this Christmas Eve, so we thought we’d share a few photos from Christmas through the years aboard …

Cruising Christmas was always fun – our last Christmas out of the US, at Lighthouse Reef Atoll, Belize, we decided to go dinghy caroling and regale all the boats with the misfortune to be stuck in our anchorage.  Another boat sitting out the norther in the anchorage (maybe 8 boats total?) decided to bake fresh hot scones for everyone on Christmas morning!  Delivered to your door, no less!  Yum.

Santa's Christmas Carolers Serenaded Every Boat in the Lighthouse Anchorage, BZ

Santa’s Christmas Carolers Serenaded Every Boat in the Lighthouse Anchorage, Belize.

Christmas morning in New French Cay Harbor, Roatan where we decided for the first time to go “Christmas shopping” at the little gift store for the dive resort next to the anchorage.

Christmas Morning in French Cay Harbor, Roatan

Christmas Morning in French Cay Harbor, Roatan

Sailing out to Lighthouse Reef Atoll, Belize another year, I really really wanted to spot a seaturtle, preferably wearing a Santa Hat.  OK, no santa hat, but I did find my sea turtle swimming along beside us as we had a great 25 mile sail.

My Christmas Turtle

My Christmas Turtle

And then there was our very first year celebrating aboard … 2006 in Belize.  We were hiding from yet another norther in Sapodilla Lagoon … all by ourselves and loving it until another boat came in late Christmas Eve.  Grumble.  But then the most amazing thing happened … Neil and Kathy came over, introduced themselves and invited us to Christmas dinner aboard s/v Attitude.  Christmas dinner with strangers? Just another part of the cruising culture.  Turned out, Neil is an amazing chef and usually prepared Christmas dinner for their family back in Cincinnati, but this year he had no one to cook for…. and we benefited!

Kathy, Neil, Jan & David, Christmas 2006 on sv Attitude

Kathy, Neil, Jan & David, Christmas 2006 on s/v Attitude

Another year, Doug, on our buddy boat, s/v Kristiana, came over to show us the black grouper he had just speared for our dinner later that Christmas day.  Yum!

Grouper For Christmas Dinner! Yum!

Grouper For Christmas Dinner!

Our first Christmas aboard also featured my late Mom’s Christmas Angel, the decoration that sat atop our Christmas tree for years.

Christmas Morning 2006

Our tiny Christmas Tree and Christmas Angel

So Merry Christmas to all, no matter how you choose to celebrate it!  Enjoy and remember that the stars you see tonight will be the same stars that lead the Wise Men and also the same stars that your family and friends are seeing wherever they may be!  Oh, and let’s not forget the full moon for Christmas!   Merry Christmas!   Cheers!  Jan


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