Happy 8th Anniversary David!

It’s our 8th wedding anniversary today!   For someone that was NEVER getting married again (that would be me), I’m amazed – getting married didn’t ruin a great relationship at all!    Plus without David, I would have never gotten to realize my dream of going cruising!  Of course, we  long distance dated for well over 10 years before we decided to tie the knot.   🙂

Click here for our 7th Anniversary post detailing what caused us to get married!

Suffice it to say if it hadn’t been for leaving the US to go cruising, crossing the gulf stream to Isla Mujeres — being attacked by not only the pots and pans but all the frigid ice water from the cooler we foolishly didn’t tie down — we might not be married today!

The featured photo is from our 2nd anniversary at Glover’s Reef Atoll in   Belize and the photo to the left is from Josh Caye/Graham’s Place, Bay Islands Honduras and our very first anniversary.  Of course, we were hoping to enjoy a nice dinner at Graham’s Place for our anniversary, but Graham never got back with the food, so there was a fun little beach restaurant, a great chef, and no food…. so we returned to the boat and turned some shrimp left from our last visit to a shrimp boat to a fabulous easy shrimp scampi — gotta be flexible!   🙂

Cheers!  Do you have any fun stories about your first (or subsequent) anniversaries while cruising?  Please post a comment and share!   Jan & David




  1. Happy Anniversary!!

    Our best story was getting to Zihuatenejo, Mexico on our 10th Anniversary, after a 4-day passage. We made reservations to go to a local cruiser bar that was having a “cook your own steak” special that evening. Had a wonderful time, and got talking to the people at the table next to us, who had guests down visiting.

    Got the shock of our lives when we asked for the check and were told that the guests at the table next next to us had paid for our dinner — drinks, tip and all!

  2. Happy Anniversary!

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