Local Weather Forecast

When the shrimp boats and crabbers return to port, the weather’s about to turn ugly.  Sure enough a night or so ago we had wind 30-35 knots and thunderstorms.

The local Stock Island shrimp boat weather forecast.

The local Stock Island shrimp boat weather forecast.

Unlike the professional meteorologists, these guys get it right every time!

Luckily this morning they’re headed back out, indicating better weather to come!


  1. Andy Gallianp says:

    Since Katrina I have not seen a accurate weather forecast from NWS. Got caught a couple of times in the Gulf of Mexico with no warning.

  2. capt page says:

    In Key West – two to three days of good and 10 days of OMG.
    Five day forecast is move the fifth day to day four position and
    that maybe the correct reading.
    Get NOAASAT – GEO – Atlantic hurricane east coast wide –
    Lean and do your own forecast – as a master of vessel you need
    to develop your weather skills.

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