Hurricane Season Most Active: Late August & September

Historically,  late August and all of September, when the difference between air temperature aloft and sea surface temperatures is the greatest,  has the most active hurricane activity in the North Atlantic … and we’re almost there.

Batten down the hatches and get ready, every weather service is predicting an unusually active hurricane season for 2013.  Hopefully they’re wrong, but being prepared is not just a motto for a Boy Scout!

I’ve compiled a series of hurricane preparedness articles, including some of my own after having Winterlude go through Hurricane Charley (a Cat 4 hurricane that passed directly over Burnt Store Marina in SW Florida), as well as excellent articles from my friend, Carolyn, who weathered Hurricane Marty at anchor in the Sea of Cortez and compiled some statistics and information on surviving a hurricane at anchor.

And don’t forget that although hurricane season is mostly over by late October/mid-November, it actually lasts until November 30.  We were chased by Hurricane Ida which formed after we’d departed on a three day sale from Panama to Providencia.  For more, click here.  Keep in mind, this was in early November in Panama which is SOUTH of the official hurricane zone.  It simply wasn’t “supposed” to happen.  Yeah, right.  No trying to reason with hurricane season!

Burnt Store Marina North Basin, Hurricane Charley 2004

Burnt Store Marina North Basin, Hurricane Charley 2004

Be Prepared!   Here are some tips from previous Hurricane Preparedness Articles:

Hurricane Preparedness

… none of us wants to think about the unlikely possibility of a hurricane roaring through our marina; however, having experienced it first hand when Hurricane Charley, a strong Category 4 hurricane made a direct hit on Burnt Store Marina in Punta Gorda, Florida, we have some tips and information.



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