Need DataCard for Discontinued Garmin GPSMap 176C!

Help! (Sorry for the rant.) When I tried to buy the Bahamas datacard for our trusty Garmin GPSMap 176C, I was informed that Garmin has discontinued our electronic charting system.  We love Garmin, but this is pissing me off — we just bought the GPSMap 176C in 2003 — I know that’s an eternity in electronics lifetime, but still .. it’s less than 10 years old and now to get charts I have to buy ANOTHER expensive Garmin or resort to other alternatives?  GGgggrrrrr!!!!!

NOTE:  for the update to this post, click here.  West Marine can still order the 176C DataCards directly from Garmin until December 2011 …. but better hurry!

Now we have to buy an entirely new chartplotter or whatever to get the Bahamas charts? I’m not buying a new laptop (that was also a suggestion I’m on a MacBook Pro with Nobeltec 8.1 on bootcamp/Windows XP). Everything worked well enough to get us from SW Florida all the way to Cartagena and back over six years.

Warderick Wells, Bahamas Land & Sea Park

Warderick Wells, Bahamas Land & Sea Park

Now we want to go to the Bahamas and can’t buy Garmin Bluecharts to fit our GPS? Unacceptable. We can always go back to the “old” way and use the Explorer Chartbooks which we just bought and a handheld GPS with waypoints we use from the Explorer Charts.

But we’ve gotten accustomed to this little Garmin GPSMap 176C and know how it works.

I know it was a popular GPS in it’s time, sold lots. So is there any chance anyone has the Bahamas (especially the Exumas) DataCard for a Garmin GPSMap 176C that they might want to sell?  This is the little DataCard with what looks like a “handle” at one end.  We have the SE Florida DataCard which covers the Bahamas as well, so that’s not the one we’re looking for.  The SE FL DataCard has pretty sketchy charts of the Bahamas, no lights where the Explorer Charts show lights so on & so forth.  That’s why we’re looking for the specific Bahamas DataCard.

Anybody?  Let us know please. Leave a comment or send me an e-mail.  THANKS!



  1. Relinda Ted Broom via Facebook says:

    If you are still in the area try Mariners Trading in Charlotte Harbor. 941-629-1341. Dianna had several Garmin chips in the counter-case last week. I think one was Bahamas..

  2. THX Ted — great minds think alike. She sold our old dodger stainless, so we picked up the check and asked about the Bahamas DataCard – we looked through the box, no luck. 🙁

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