2013 Resolutions: Dreams Do Come True!

My friend, Carolyn over at TheBoatGalley.com, recently referenced watching “South Pacific” and how one line of the song “Happy Talk” described the cruising mindset:

“You’ve got to have a dream,
If you don’t have a dream,
How you gonna have a dream come true?”

Which got me to thinking about how we got where we are and what we’re doing next.  When we first started talking about going cruising “someday” it was a far cry from any connection to present reality.

Anchored off Josh Cay, Guanaja in the Bay Islands, Honduras

I was a single mom with two teenaged children, both of whom would soon be going to college.   And I didn’t even know how to sail!.   If you want the “rest of the story” about how we started from zero & surprised ourselves by actually going cruising, click here.

So owning a cruising sailboat and sailing away?

Off Half Moon Caye, Lighthouse Reef, Belize

We couldn’t afford a cruising sailboat.  And even if we could, we had elderly parents, family & friends and ties to “home” — and now that we have grandkids, the tie is even stronger.   But we didn’t let the how and all the details get in the way of the dream…  we kept fantasizing … reading every sailing/cruising magazine, then devouring every cruising book available.

Our dream came true, but not without some twists and turns along the way.

Leaving the Chesapeake, to sail south.

Every cruiser’s thought process includes – how much money do we need?  Do we have enough?  The answer is, it’s never enough — just like having kids, if you wait until everything’s “right”,  most of us would never have had children. You can make your budget fit your cruising.   We rationalize that we can always be WalMart greeters in our old age when we’re physically unable to sail.

How about you?  Do you have a dream?

The Hammock Enhances the Lifestyle at Anchor!

DREAM your dream!  Include baby steps to it in your New Year’s Resolutions!  Our New Year’s Resolutions always include some resolutions about each “phase” — Health & Fitness; Family; Cruising; Lake; Y Flyer Racing; etc.   By including some resolutions for each phase, we can figure out how to integrate everything into the lifestyle we’re dreaming about.  Early on, some of the Cruising resolutions were simply to learn more about the lifestyle, then they included something like trying it our via bareboat vacations, and so on.  Other resolutions were similar to anyone’s – but we tried to be as specific as possible.  It worked for us, and no one was more surprised!


But what happens after you’re lucky enough to achieve the dream? Somehow since we returned to the US in the sailboat in 2010, we’ve lost sight of any long ranged “cruising dreams”.

Approaching the Cocos Banderos Cayes in the San Blas Islands, Panama

So as we’re working on our New Year’s Resolutions for 2013,  it’s time for a new dream!

We might decide the new dream is to continue the adventure just as it is, just add to it.   For example, we LOVE to eat fish.  Frequently.  Which we did while cruising the Western Caribbean.  But buying fresh fish in SW Florida can be $18.99 a pound, not in our budget.   David is a good spearfisherman but we never learned to fish with a trolling pole.  So we could learn to troll to catch fish … or maybe dinghy fish!   Lots of opportunities to turn our current circumstances into new fun!  And enhance our cruising cuisine at the same time!

There are also other possibilities that beckon – many of our former cruising buddy boats sold their boats and are are now traveling the world, living someplace for months at a time to become part of the local culture; others are “land-cruising”, exploring the US from a travel trailer, not sure that’s us, but at this point we’re not ruling anything out; still others have adopted somewhere they cruised and fell in love  with it as their second — or even primary — place of residence.

Anchored in the Rio Chagres, just around the corner from the Panama Canal with the Howler Monkeys & Sloths

The two things we DO know … it’s NOT warm enough in SW Florida in January to consider ourselves cruising!  David frequently can’t wear his shorts which is his criteria for a successful retirement.   And we can’t envision our lives without boats and water.

So many possibilities, so little time!  We shouldn’t waste it, not a minute!!!  🙂

Providencia Harbor, 100 miles off the coast of Nicaragua, but a jewel belonging to Colombia.




  1. Rob Snelling says:

    It’s so refreshing to read some of your financial concerns, in that it shows you’re “like most of us”! I’m currently refitting my 40-year old boats’ systems, and looking forward to a departure for warmer climes.

    I’m so glad I’ve taken the time to read your site; over the next few years, the idea of taking a series of “Commutes” rather than just taking off for a couple of years is brilliant! It takes so many huge issues and cuts them into managable, bite-sized pieces. It’s been an exciting couple of hours, and thank you very much for that!


    • Thanks Rob! We’re currently anchored out. This years shakedown cruise! Looking forward to throwing off the dock lines & going where the wind blows us for the first time ever! No plans, just the wind!!

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