Obama is Coming! Obama is Coming!

To a person, the buzz in Cuba is that Obama is Coming!  Today!  It’s been interesting to watch – literally every street that the President will take has been repaved – with newly painted white and yellow lines — yesterday.  Every fountain that was dry (every single fountain in the city and surrounding countryside) is now flowing beautifully.  Every square has been “cleaned up” — i.e. lost all it’s character and characters.  Is this the Cuba we’re getting to know?  Not exactly.  But the streets are washed!  With truck after truck proceeding in a parade up and down the main streets.

Even the streets around the Capitolito are being washed.

Even the streets around the Capitolito are being washed.

Yesterday several streets into Old Havana (where President Obama will tour today) were closed making driving difficult.  And I’m sure it’s much much worse today.  All the tour buses have been cancelled for today – which should make for a much nicer tour for the Presidential entourage.  Yesterday television cameramen were everywhere – finding locations to set up their cameras.

Today?  Who knows.  We’re not planning to attempt to visit Old Havana today.  Maybe the President will come visit us here in Marina Hemingway?

Cheers!  Jan & David


  1. Front row seat to history in the making! Fantastic!

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