Out Cruising 10,000 Islands, No Internet Connection!

Good news, bad news!  We’re out exploring more of the 10,000 Islands between Panther Key & Middle Cape Sable.  Unfortunately, that means NO internet.  We get an occasional cell signal or just enough to update the Commuter Cruiser Facebook page, but that’s it.  So until we return to civilization – probably Marathon in the Florida Keys for laundry & more food, we’ll be out of range for new Commuter Cruiser posts.

I apologize, but if you’re new to Commuter Cruiser, be sure to poke around in the topics above — hopefully you’ll find some subjects of interest.   And I can guarantee you, this year has been great cruising so far & we’ll have many stories to tell!

Until then, stay safe & CHEERS!   Jan & David

P.S.  If you’re anchored in the 10,000 Islands and see a dark hulled sailboat, dinghy over & say HI!  We’d love to meet you!

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