RIP: My Favorite Kitchen Timer

So you’re probably thinking that RIP for a kitchen timer may be a bit overdramatic, but this isn’t just any kitchen timer.  This timer has been aboard since we left Annapolis, and along with sv Winterlude, has over 10,000 miles under it’s keel…

It’s been through everything from being thrown across the cabin in confused seaways to keeping me company (making sure I don’t doze off) on countless night watches.  🙁     It has been dependable and a good friend for every night watch.   It clicks off every 15 minutes reminding me to stop reading and get up & look around so we don’t get run down by a random freighter, cruise ship or wandering shrimp boat.  It also reliably clicks off the minutes until I can jump back into the seaberth and turn over the night watch responsibilities to David.

Despite us mistreating it, this little Sunbeam timer lasted forever – here you can see one side of the dial actually got melted at some point… oops!

It has a nice LOUD ring, meaning while at anchor if we’re out in the “family room” (otherwise known as the cockpit) or even up on deck watching the sunset or blowing the conch horn, I can always hear it letting me know I need to do something — turn a burner down, flip a porkchop, whatever.

They just don’t make them like they used too.   This little guy was made in the USA by Sunbeam, who knows how long ago.  So now I’m searching for a suitable replacement.  We tried one of those electronic types, actually two of them, but they don’t seem to survive well in the aboard environment.  🙁   I’ve looked in kitchen departments of various stores, but nothing gets me excited.This one seems to get the best Amazon reviews, but still have some pretty strong complaints – seems the major one is that it quits working after a few months.   If no one recommends a better timer, this is probably the one I’ll try.  From Amazon, here.

Bad reviews for this one … it doesn’t ring? Hmmmm, that could be problematic!

Online, the reviews for all the manual kitchen timers seem pretty iffy.  The one above, the biggest complaint is that it doesn’t ever RING.  Now while burned food is not a good thing, getting hit by a freighter at night because I dozed off reading is NOT acceptable!  So this one is out.  🙁

This is a cross between a manual timer and an electronic timer.

It’s from Amazon.   Because it runs on batteries (not necessarily a good thing on a boat), it doesn’t have the annoying ticking noise that I’ve come to love from my kitchen timer.  Some reviewers call it the best thing ever, some say it doesn’t work at all (hmmm, that’s a fairly big discrepancy) and still others say it worked perfectly for a few weeks or a month and then died.  Reliability doesn’t sound like one of this one’s strengths.

So my question is …. does anyone have a manual kitchen timer that they’re happy with?  And where on earth did you get it?   HELP!!!


  1. Keith Davie says:

    Just one thought: Manual kitchen timers sometimes don’t ring because people don’t know – or don’t remember – to turn them WELL past the set point and then back when setting them for smaller chunks of time. I’ve used a Lux timer, which you picture, and had to turn it past 25 minutes and then BACK to 10 or 15 minutes before it would ring.
    Maybe someone else can confirm this from their experience? I too would avoid anything electric or electronic – the salt air just eats them up in short order…
    Best – Keith

  2. Cathy Bradshaw says:

    Hey Jan if you haven’t found the exact timer you needed Ebay has it only 12.99 and 3 days left! today is January 2nd so don”t delay. Hope to see you out there we head out fall 2015 for the Caribbean.

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