Signs You’ve Been In The Marina Too Long….

You know you’ve been in the marina too long … when……

Time for us to leave for awhile! Now we’re anchored out and enjoying the “almost” cruising life – actually double-checking all the  shakedown cruise stuff that we need to make sure works before we leave the marina for a few months!  So far all is good!   P.S.  This is NOT our boat!   🙂


  1. Keith Davie says:

    Oh my! Don’t know where that is, but here in Maine the fine for disturbing an Ospry nest is more than my boat is worth!

  2. LOL We’ve been visited by an Osprey but thankfully, not to this degree!

  3. I found out from experience that ospreys will leave if you hang strips of reflective mylar near where they roost.

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