The Boat Galley Cookbook Duo …. Together Again!

Congratulations to our friends Dave & Carolyn on s/v Barefoot Gal!   Luckily David & I happened to stop by the same day that Barefoot Gal acquired her new name!    Of course, we had to share a bit of wine … guess what brand?    🙂

We’ve been friends for a long time, but if you don’t know us, Carolyn is the author of The Boat Galley online and we are co-authors of The Boat Galley Cookbook (which, makes a GREAT Christmas present, BTW!)

We’re celebrating more than just their new boat.  We’ve always cruised different oceans, so it’s going to be fun now that they’re in Southwest Florida … and at least for now, and so are we!

Carolyn & Jan

Here’s to s/v Barefoot Gal! And our friends, Pirate Dave & Carolyn!

While they were cruising the Sea of Cortez in s/v Que Tal (their first cruising boat), we were cruising the Northwest Caribbean — as they came south along the Pacific coast, we met in Antigua, Guatemala – up in the mountains, high above both our boats … still in different oceans.

Before either of us had boats, we bareboat chartered together in the British Virgin Islands – twice.  And in between, we all race one design Y Flyers together during the summer (i.e. warmer) months.

Dave & Carolyn have made major progress on getting their boat ready to go.  Barefoot Gal is still on the hard for now, but soon they’ll splash & our parts will arrive, so we can both head for the Keys!

Cheers!  Jan

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