The Boat Galley Cookbook: NOW Available at Amazon!

The Boat Galley Cookbook is FINALLY available!   Amazon will be shipping the books starting THIS Saturday (Saturday, Sept 22)!

Why would you want this cookbook since you probably already have others aboard?  First, it’s designed for cruisers, by cruisers who understand the need for a complete galley reference guide aboard.   Believe it or not, there are places left where you can cruise without access to internet (some of the best cruising areas, I might add!) and having a complete galley reference book, complete with over 800 recipes and proven tips and techniques, will be indispensible!

Here’s what Lin Pardey & Beth Leonard had to say when they read the book manuscript:

“The Boat Galley Cookbook answers every question I have ever been asked about cooking afloat.  Whether you have a small or large galley, you’ll find loads of good ideas and interesting recipes to make life afloat easier, and tastier too.”          LIN PARDEY, voyager & author

“Cooking on a boat is different, and not just because your kitchen won’t stay still.  You also have to ontend with a lot less space and water, unusual or absent ingredients, limited cooking equipment, and a lack of conveniences from Mr Coffee to Cuisinart.  Shearlock and Irons share everything you need to know to make great meals in a cramped galley and have fun doing it.  Their recipes cover the gamut from nibbles to accompny cocktails in the cockpit to one-pot meals to keep the cruew going in a gale.  If you’re getting ready to trade your kitchen for a galley, you’ll want to take The Boat Galley Cookbook along.”   BETH LEONARD, author of The Voyager’s Handbook and Blue Horizons


  “The Boat Galley Cookbook”

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Or if you prefer, here are other sellers offering a pre-order page.   There will be many more added within the next few days, so check back, including Bluewater Books and locations in South Africa, Australia and more in New Zealand!   

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