Watch Ships Real Time Via AIS Website!

This is kind of cool — check out ships real time via AIS reporting – click on the ship to see AIS information such as vessel type, photo, course, country flag, destination and more.

Live Ships Map


AIS Ships Map


  1. This is not exactly real time in that you can’t use it for collision avoidance. I am often in a position where I can overlook the East River in NY. I use the same web site to see what is coming but on many occasions when it says a vessel has not yet reached my vantage point, in reality, it has already passed. By my experience, the data can be 5-10 minutes old. On the main page, below the world map is a notice that the data could be incomplete and up to an hour old.

    BTW, I very much enjoy your blog posts.

    • Thx Jim! My experience is that the minute we leave to go sailing anywhere we might need this info, I don’t had a phone signal or internet, so it’s irrelevant. But still interesting! THX for letting us know it’s not real time. Cheers! Jan

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