We Have the World’s Best Bilge Pump!

And I have the world’s best husband. He’s a sailor.  He didn’t choose the profession of plumber, it chose him … of course, last week he didn’t choose the profession of diesel mechanic either and he successfully negotiated that maze, so I have confidence it’s only a matter of time … how much time?  Who knows!   🙂

Spectra Watermakers shipped our new solenoid overnight just as they promised — we talked to them at 4:30 PM Eastern Time yesterday and the new solenoid was aboard Winterlude at noon Eastern Time today – and they’re in California!  That means poor David is closing on five hours into playing plumber!

The good news is that the system isn’t leaking around the solenoid/fresh water flush where it was leaking.  The bad news is that it’s developed another substantial leak somewhere else.  In order to replace the solenoid, David had to completely disassemble the entire watermaker, disconnect the sink drain and every other part of the pressurized water system.   So there are many hoses that have been disconnected and reconnected and the leak could be in any one of them.

The other really good news is that when we turn on the pressure water, there’s more water pressure than we’ve ever had, even with the leak.  So when this all gets sorted out, it’ll be a great thing….

Gotta go, I’m the tool girl for the afternoon and duty calls!

P.S.  The world’s best bilge pump today is a Rule Bilge Pump — it just keeps on pumping and pumping … and pumping and pumping!   We have two plus spares and they’re both getting a workout over the past few days!

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