We’re Back From the Bahamas!

We’re back!  Here’s the dolphin that welcomed us back to Marathon in the Florida Keys this afternoon.  I’ll post more soon, but I need to catch up on some sleep first!  🙂  Great trip, lousy weather & we’re glad to be safely on a mooring ball in Marathon (read:  totally weather protected harbor) for the upcoming round of unsettled weather (i.e. thunderstorms and squalls)!  Especially after when we were checking in at the City Marina here, the guy next to us told stories of horrid “white squalls” on his way down the Florida west coast today!

And we almost didn’t stop at Marathon — almost kept going to sail overnight to either Marco Island or Charlotte Harbor, depending on how the sail was going … glad we stopped after hearing his tales of woe.

More soon!  We’re not “unplugged” … at least for a few days … just limited by the electricity the captain will let me use for the computer!   🙂

Cheers!  Jan & David, sv Winterlude, J4 mooring ball in Marathon City Mooring Field.

P.S.  Both depth sounders decided to go crazy last night … just when it might have been nice to have them coming in at 10 PM to Rodriguez Key off Key Largo after a long day crossing the gulf stream.  And today, the original depth sounder worked find until JUST before we entered the channel into Marathon — the only critical place we needed it all day.  Obviously we need to replace at least one depthsounder!  It would be nice to have one working at any given time!




  1. Looking forward to a detailed trip report.

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