What’s In Your Pile?

As commuter cruisers, when it’s almost time to return to the boat, we start to pile “stuff” in our 2nd bedroom.  As usual, the piles just keep growing and growing … from paper charts to a spare exhaust elbow for the diesel to lots of meds to refurbish our first aid kit, the “Boat Book” containing USCG Documentation, copies of passports and everything important, the new Iridium sat phone battery and who knows what else.  We’re beginning to think we personally employ the UPS man.

The pile keeps growing ...

The pile keeps growing …

Now we have piles on top of piles.  Not sure how we’re going to fit it all the 4 Runner….  but we talked to the boatyard this morning and everything is GO for our return & launching the boat.

The garage pile ... just started because we use this stuff all the time.

The garage pile … just started because we use this stuff all the time.

On the way, we’ll spend a long weekend camping with grandkiddos (and their parents), then having an early Thanksgiving with my 95 year old Dad, his girlfriend & her family.  Then … a stop to visit friends close to Burnt Store Marina … and then we get to have fun cleaning a boatyard dirty boat (i.e. severely filthy) for a couple of days before hopefully splashing.

Then the fun will really begin – sorting out what critical equipment is on vacation and what’s merely snoozing … the excitement is mounting!

SO … what’s in YOUR pile(s)?    🙂  Cheers — Jan


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