When Does a Wooly Worm Cross the Road?

Isn’t it still July?  So why are wooly worms crossing the road during our daily walk?  That doesn’t happen until we’re getting ready to return to the boat – usually mid to late September.  Did I lose a few months somewhere?

When does a wooly worm cross the road?

When does a wooly worm cross the road?

I’m not quite ready to give up lake fun yet  … hopefully I have more slalom skiing season left!  And I know David wants to race our Y Flyer (18′ one design sailboat) more this summer….   Yikes.

Wooly worm, Wooly worm, go away

Come again some other day —

like late September! 

Most of the wooly worms in July have been mixed dark and medium in color.  This one had a gorgeous golden shining mane, so I just had to take his picture.

Cheers!  Here’s hoping early wooly worms don’t mean early winter …. on the other hand, fall and winter mean time to return to the boat … hmmm…


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