Which Lip Balm Is Best for Cruising?

A long time ago in a prior life, I discovered that my lips don’t like being outside and in the sun nearly as much as I do!  I struggled using first one lip balm product and then another.  None seemed to last.  Then I wandered into a snow ski shop, don’t ask what a cruiser was doing in a snow ski shop, and displayed right by the register was a little blue stubby stick called “Dermatone Lip Balm SPF 23“.  Curious, I asked the checkout people.  They couldn’t not recommend it highly enough.  So OK, I bought one stick.  Used it for a couple of days and promptly went back and bought three more — one cannot have too many lip balms – one for my purse, one for my desk, one for the bathroom drawer, one for the bedroom dresser, one for the car…. I already didn’t have enough.

We returned home and I went to the local sporting goods store to buy more.  Nope, they had tin tubs of Dermatone stuff, not no stubby blue stick.  Aaarrrggghhhh….  I bought a tin tub and promptly discarded it as not anywhere close to the Dermatone I had come to know and love.

What to do… I literally looked all over Indianapolis – my original hometown – for a Dermatone Blue Stubby Stick, but there were none to be had.  I bought Blistex, I bought Burts Bees, I tried everything, but couldn’t forget the fond memories of a lip balm that actually worked, kept my lips moist, never chapped, never sunburned and lasted infinite times longer than the closest other brand.   🙁

Anchored in the Middle of Paradise, You Can't Run Out of Lip Balm!

Anchored in the Middle of Paradise, You Can't Run Out of Lip Balm!

Then the internet came into its own.  I typed in Dermatone on google and voila!  Now I order them in volume directly from Dermatone.  I just placed another order because all of my 5 stubby sticks are down to the hard plastic casing holding the very bottom of the stick.  And heaven knows I couldn’t possibly go cruising without my Dermatone Blue Stubby Stick SPF 23 Lip Balm!   🙂

As I understand it, some people prefer the chapstick size version, but I like the big stubby one because I can also use it on my nose or whatever needs a bit of extra protection in a pinch.  Just for your information, the stubby version contains .3 ounces while the chapstick size is .15 ounces.

And these days Amazon carries a lot of the Dermatone products … you can even buy my stubby blue stick lip balm at Amazon, but it’s less than half the price (even paying their $6.95 flat fee shipping) to buy it directly from Dermatone!   Of course, I buy them in bulk, 10 at a time — if I’m going to pay $6.95 for shipping, I might as well get several.  They’ll last a couple of years if I don’t leave them on the boat during the summer and melt them!

What lip protectant is your favorite?  Leave a comment and share!  THANKS!  Jan


  1. Jan, you didn’t mention whether or not it leaves that nasty taste in your mouth that other SPF lip balms do. I’m looking for one that I can’t taste.

    • Hi Tammy! I’m not sure — I don’t have a nasty taste in my mouth, at least that I know of. But I’ve been addicted to this stuff for so many years that I might not even notice it! Anyone else use the Dermatone stubby stick & notice an aftertaste? Please leave a comment so we know. Cheers! Jan

  2. Susan Kelly says:

    Thank you so much! I bought the Dermatone stubby stick when we were skiing in Italy years ago. I loved it and have never seen it since. I just ordered several for sailing this summer. Great find!

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