Winter Is Still Winter in Key West

This weather pattern has to end sometime…  Chris Parker says it’s last hurrah will be this coming weekend – the last two weekends were just like this video here in Key West. We may not have feet and feet of snow, but we do have weather.   The local newspaper caught some footage out in Key West harbor … (note:  just X out of the banner ad when it appears across the video)

Ready for February when supposedly we’ll get a cold front every 6-7 days instead of two or three a week with no weather windows longer than about 12 hours available.   We thought we had one for Monday, but it closed to less than 12 hours – our little sailboat simply cannot get where we want to go in 12 hours…   🙁  Better times to come!


  1. Keith & Nicki, s/v Sionna says:

    Hang in there! Better times a coming!

  2. Kinda glad I am stuck in Indiantown Marina with a broken ankle after seeing that video!

    • Not sure I’d go that far, David. But we’ve been grateful for being in a marina (somewhere I normally am decidedly NOT grateful to be) the past two weekends and sounds like this one might make a 3rd straight. But the forecast is less ominous this time around, so hopefully it’ll be a weaker front. Cheers! Jan

  3. after the commentary of the storm…comes Key West Boat Kids….what a great article of then and now. the resilience of children is amazing, for that matter the adults reinventing their lives after devastation. good stuff.

  4. Gary and Judy Coppola says:

    We are stuck in Marathon waiting for a Bahamas window. Where are you heading?

    • Hi Gary & Judy! Too many fronts this winter! Maybe thank El Nino? We’re headed south … but we may miss you in the Bahamas. 🙂 Cheers & Enjoy! Jan & David

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