Cruising Route: Belize to Panama

Thinking of cruising the Western Caribbean? Here’s a Google Map showing the route we took transitioning from the Northwest Caribbean to the Southwest Caribbean. a leisurely 4 months, from the Rio Dulce, Guatemala to Bocas Del Toro, Panama.

Hawgs & Dawgs; Sailin’ & Sloggin’ Under the Southern Cross!

Sailing to the Vivorillos Cayes, at the far eastern corner of Honduras and Nicaragua, enroute to Panama, was 150 miles due east into the easterly tradewinds. The route has earned a well deserved reputation as one of the world’s worst.

Why Go Cruising? Lucky Enough…

Why do sailors go cruising? This post was written when we were “stuck” in Bodden Bight, Roatan, holed up for weather, nothing to do but just watch the world go by.

Jan’s 10 Favorite Cruising Destinations

Winterlude has barely touched the tip of places we want to cruise, but here’s our Top 10 list of cruising destinations so far. Enjoy!

Waiting on Weather to Sail to Panama: Guanaja & Cayos Cochinos, Bay Islands, Honduras

A SailWinterlude Photo Essay recounting our adventures in the Cayos Cochinos and Guanaja, easternmost of the Bay Islands, where we waited impatiently for a weather window to sail to Panama.  Enjoy! Unlike the last update, some days are just made for sailing! Earlier this week, we were rudely awakened in the Cayos Cochinos (Hog Islands) […]

Sail Winterlude Adventures

From planning the dream, to buying the boat, to actually leaving the dock to go cruise the Western Caribbean for six years, our cruising dream came true.  Maybe it took a little longer and maybe the boat is a bit smaller, but we’ve been commuter cruising since 2001 – over 11 years and 11,000 miles […]

Traffic, Info and Conch … International Incidents?

Sometimes cultural differences between cruisers crack me up!  Traffic, info and conch were prime examples.  We were headed to the Vivorillos Cayes (corner of Honduras where cruisers stop to break up the passage from the Bay Islands to the Columbian Islands or Panama with three other boats, two from Texas (anyone who knows cruisers knows […]

Tips For Enjoying Christmas In The Caribbean

I love cruising.   I love Christmas.   But somehow amidst the palm trees and aqua clear water, it just never quite feels like Christmas.  Especially since there’s absolutely no possibility of snow for a White Christmas.  Christmas tradition for me includes seeing my breath, feeling the chill while we’re out cutting down the tree, […]

Easting To Guanaja

Guanaja, the Easternmost of the Bay Islands of Honduras is where every season boats wait on weather to sail around the corner to Panama.  But Guanaja is a great cruising stop in it’s own right.  This was originally written as an e-mail update to friends & family, but it expresses the joys that Guanaja has […]

Buddy Boating off the Nicaraguan Coastline

Cruising in remote areas, especially heading from the easternmost Bay Island of Guanaja to the Vivorillos Cays off the far eastern edge of Honduras, around the corner to two Columbian Islands off the coast of Nicaragua and finally on to Panama, is much safer with more than one boat, not only in anchorages but underway.  […]