Why Provision Just to Head to the Florida Keys?

Round 1 Staples Provisioning

There are stores in the Florida Keys…. so why provision ahead of time? My Top 10 List

Leave These OUT of Your Boat Fridge

Refrigerators on boats are small. So what goes in & what can safely stay out?

Washing Dishes Without Hot Water

We haven’t died (or even been sick) from washing dishes for years in nothing but cold water and Joy. Somehow when we were cruising the tropics, anything hot, including dish water — and shower water for that matter — didn’t feel necessary…

Preparing the Galley to Leave the Boat

Sooner or later, you’ll need to leave the boat and you want to make sure you don’t have uninvited pest guests: my experience in Preparing the Galley to Leave the Boat.

Windy Cabin Fever

Hopefully just for a total of 36 hours!  It’s blowing stink today, but mostly sunny & mid-60’s. We could get off the boat but it’s a long way upwind to the public dinghy dock.  We used to stand so we’d only be soaked below the knees, but we haven’t done that in awhile & couldn’t […]

When Is A Crab Not a Crab?

Did you know horseshoe crabs aren’t “real crabs”?

Dinghy Accessory: New Dry Bag

Dry bags are an important part of our dinghy equipment. When we left our favorite dinghy dry bag behind this winter, we accidentally found my new favorite dry bag.

Fish On! Secret to Enjoy Spanish Mackerel

Spanish Mackerel, seems cruisers either love it or hate it. Luckily when we caught our first mackerel, a buddy boat taught us the “secret” — I hate “fishy” fish and I love Spanish Mackerel.

Oh No! Silent Pactor Modem

Our SSB radio and Pactor modem was always our reassuring source of contact with elderly parents and family when cruising out of communications range. But this year when I turned on the SSB, there was no reassuring beep from the modem… Now what?

Never A Dull Moment

Who living “inside” ever sees cormorants fighting for fish while cooking for Thanksgiving? And who runs out of water while washing dishes and discovers a huge manatee sunning right by the hose?