Tips for Buying a Boat Ladder

Buying the right boat ladder turned out to be more complicated than we realized!

Isn’t SW Florida in the Subtropics?

sv Winterlude is a tropical boat with no heat. Which usually is just fine. The last couple days have been a bit challenging. Besides chili, here’s how we stay warm.

Beep Beep! Pactor Modem Working Again

Good news! Our Pactor PTCII Pro modem is working again! Once again, we have reliable communications via our SSB radio whenever we’re “out of range” for email.

Which Binoculars are Best for Cruising?

With the amazing array of binoculars available, how do you possibly choose which pair (or pairs) would be best for going cruising. Here’s the information you need to make the best decision for your boat.

Boats Going Bump in the Night: Anchor Lights

Often when anchored in out of the way places … or not so out of the way places, I worry about other boats seeing our dark hulled sailboat. Sometimes boats zoom around after dark at speeds not conducive to stopping instantly if they realize our dark hull is directly ahead. Our thoughts on visibility after dark at anchor…..

Would We Buy The Same Boat Again?

Would you buy the same boat again? We ask ourselves that very same question and quite honestly, the answer isn’t exactly clear, but may be NO. Don’t get us wrong, we LOVE our Passport 37, but some realities about the CREW might have altered our original decision.

WARNING! Inflatable Life Jacket Surprise!

Warning! Be sure to check your suspender harness/inflatable life vests before setting out on a major crossing! Just because they’re expensive doesn’t mean they hold air! Here’s how!

Outfitting for Security

After being robbed in Utila (Bay Islands, Honduras) in 2007 – click link for the story, we take security very seriously aboard Winterlude. It’s been our observation that most theft aboard cruising boats is opportunity theft — i.e. if the opportunity exists, is easy and not likely to have any complications, your stuff could disappear! What you can do to deter opportunity theft.

Don’t Drift Out to Sea: Carry a Dinghy Anchor!

It was a beautiful evening anchored off a tiny cay in Belize, enjoying cocktails with friends aboard their boat.  We all were enchanted by the luminescence in the water, floating by in trails, glowing faintly and then brightly in pulses.   We sat chatting until it was pitch dark and then dinghied back to our boats […]

Got Handholds? Bahamas Tongue of the Ocean Crossing

Unfortunately for us sailors, not all crossings are smooth!  Underway, if your boat lurchs suddenly while you’re walking through the salon, would you: A.  Be thrown across the cabin, breaking a rib. B.  Grab for the closest point of contact, missing and get a nasty bruise C.  No problem, our boat has sturdy handholds for […]