Battery Charger Saves the Day!

A portable battery charger has saved our day over and over … and over. Don’t be without one!

ICom M802 Crumbly Mike Cords … UGH!

Do you have an ICom SSB radio with a crumbling cord? Ours has crumbled multiple times, ticking me off every time I have to replace it. Now I find out, ICom is replacing them for no charge! Here’s the info from ICom…

LifeProof Case Bites The Dust.

I took my waterproof, except it was no longer waterproof, IPhone Lifeproof case white water rafting to snap some photos.

12v Charging Electronics on the Water or Road

Figuring out how to power my MacBook Air, our phones and other gadgets with 12 volt plugs we had added to the travel trailer (already in the boat), was a challenge! So far, so good!

Which Binoculars are Best for Cruising?

With the amazing array of binoculars available, how do you possibly choose which pair (or pairs) would be best for going cruising. Here’s the information you need to make the best decision for your boat.

13 Spares You Never Knew You Needed!

When we left to cruise the Western Caribbean for six years, we had the boat stock full of spare parts – engine parts including a spare mixing or exhaust elbow, rebuild parts for the head, an entire new wheel pilot autopilot, a spare regulator, tools for every conceivable use, and lots more.   By the […]

Smart Phones & Water Don’t Mix!

As cruisers routinely discover, cell phones and water don’t mix! As we use our smart phones for navigation, AIS & weather, there’s more opportunity for them to get knocked overboard, fall in the bilge or even just get wet in a backpack in the dinghy. Don’t let it happen!

How to Read Sail Telltales

Just like their name, sail telltales are there to “tell tales” and will provide useful sailing information to improve your boat’s sailing performance provided you know the basics. Even if you consider yourself “just a cruiser” and don’t care about premium sailing performance, paying attention to your telltales will be worthwhile.

The Great Crab Pot vs Line Cutter Debate … Little Shark River to Seven Mile Bridge

Have you ever debated the pros & cons of adding a line cutter to your prop shaft? We debate it every time we sail across shallow Florida Bay riddled with a maze of crab pots! Please join the conversation by leaving a comment.

Lucky to Jinxed – All in a Few Hours!

When we splashed the boat, all the new equipment worked perfectly. Unfortunately in the first hour of the sail home, three more things broke! As Eileen Quinn, the famous cruising songster croons “If it ain’t broke, don’t use it”!