Navigating Shallow or Reef-Strewn Waters

See Winterlude anchored in the far right side of this anchorage in paradise? And all the reefs & shallow waters in between? There are no navigation markers. It’s important to learn to read the waters.

How Safe Are Mooring Balls?

How safe are mooring balls?  Risky enough that most seasoned cruisers avoid them at all costs, preferring to get a good nights sleep using their own well maintained and regularly inspected ground tackle. But shouldn’t mooring balls be safer than anchoring?  Yes, and no.  In theory, mooring balls should be as safe or safer than […]

The Wicked Witch of Winterlude

Anchored in Russell Bay, Everglades

Yes, I am the wicked witch of sv Winterlude.  I will never ever understand why, when there’s lots of room in an anchorage, boats feel compelled to anchor literally on top of other boats. Yesterday a boat came into the anchorage, drove around scouting lots of great spots … with no other boats.  But then […]

How Many Hours for an Inch?

David on the bow, Lighthouse Reef Atoll, Belize

Nothing is ever easy on a boat … but our windlass has returned from its cross country travels and is reinstalled ready to go anchor out at the barrier islands and enjoy some FUN for the next few days. Pay off in paradise!

Our Windlass Is Back!!!

A hearty welcome home to our Lighthouse 1501 Windlass! It’s been off traveling cross country to California and back, preventatively being rebuilt so it can give us 11 more years of anchoring pleasure.

Boats Going Bump in the Night: Anchor Lights

Often when anchored in out of the way places … or not so out of the way places, I worry about other boats seeing our dark hulled sailboat. Sometimes boats zoom around after dark at speeds not conducive to stopping instantly if they realize our dark hull is directly ahead. Our thoughts on visibility after dark at anchor…..

What’s a Kellet? Anchor Insurance!

Worried about your anchor holding? The most important consideration is adequate scope, but we also use an anchor kellet to absorb most of the force and insure that the pull from the boat rarely reaches the anchor, so there’s little possibility of it getting pulled out. Here’s how.

Nothing Is Ever Easy! Replacing Snubber Rusted Shackle

Is it just me or has anyone else noticed that NOTHING is ever easy on a boat. The simplest project usually turns out to have some wrinkle that requires hours & numerous trips to the marine stores or Home Depot. Replacing rusty thimbles in our snubber line was no exception.

Recommended Mooring Tie Up for Storms

There’s a better way to tie to a mooring ball if you’re expecting a serious storm. Recommended by City Marina/Boot Key Harbor, Marathon, Florida. Good to know, but hope we never need this information!

Wave or Wind Protection? Which is Most Important When Anchoring?

When anchoring, what’s more important? Flat water, i.e. wave protection? Or wind protection? You might be surprised at the answer!