Get Rid of Boat Odors!

The #1 rule — if the boat smells there’s a reason and the culprit is likely better at playing hide n seek than you are at finding the source of the smell! Need help finding the issue?

Ongoing Head Challenge …

It’s never over til it’s over. One more head challenge before achieving the final VICTORY!

What Spares to Take Cruising?

Freeing the Wind Indicator

What spare parts do we need to go cruising? Here’s our downloadable PDF file to use as a starting point for your own boat.

B.O.A.T. Know What It Means?

Someone once said: “Money can’t buy happiness, but it can buy you the kind of misery you prefer.”

Wax On … Wax Off …

What to do in paradise when the wind’s howling and there’s a chill in the air?

Joker Valves Are No Joke!

We all like to joke about joker valves, but when the head joker valve begins to malfunction, it’s no joke!

Lubricating a Raritan PHII Head

The pump on head shouldn’t squeak. If it starts squeaking, it’s time for some annual maintenance – and not the salad dressing variety.

The Boat Comes First

s/v Winterlude is our mistress, she comes first. She takes care of us, we take care of her…

What Broke? Lessons From an Overnight Sail

Before an overnight sail be sure to check, doublecheck and triplecheck EVERY line, every system and anything else that could possibly go wrong ….

How Safe Are Mooring Balls?

How safe are mooring balls?  Risky enough that most seasoned cruisers avoid them at all costs, preferring to get a good nights sleep using their own well maintained and regularly inspected ground tackle. But shouldn’t mooring balls be safer than anchoring?  Yes, and no.  In theory, mooring balls should be as safe or safer than […]