San Blas Kuna: If You Only Learn One Word

If you only learn one word of Kuna (San Blas Islands) – make it this one!

San Blas Cruising Reality: Heaven With Challenges

As we continue the process of returning to the boat & getting it ready to go sailing, I remember my original cruising dream 12 years ago … buying my own molas while cruising the island paradise, Kuna Yala … better known as the San Blas Islands, Panama.

Jan’s 10 Favorite Cruising Destinations

Winterlude has barely touched the tip of places we want to cruise, but here’s our Top 10 list of cruising destinations so far. Enjoy!

San Blas: Every Kuna Village Has a Story!

Achutupu, Kuna Yala, Panama….  Every Kuna village has a story, all of them different and all fascinating.  Some we like, some we don’t, but all are different.  We’ve now visited six Kuna villages, Isla Pino was the smallest with under 300 residents, then Anachucana with 600 Kuna, then Caledonia with 1,200 and now Achutupu with […]

Tips to Enjoy Interacting With Local Culture

There’s nothing like anchoring your floating home in a unique culture’s “neighborhood” and literally living in that neighborhood for however long you choose to stay.  Cruisers experience culture differently than most other travelers.  We get to actually LIVE there and if we choose, get to know the people, their neighborhood, their culture.  It’s a privilege […]

Sail Winterlude Adventures

From planning the dream, to buying the boat, to actually leaving the dock to go cruise the Western Caribbean for six years, our cruising dream came true.  Maybe it took a little longer and maybe the boat is a bit smaller, but we’ve been commuter cruising since 2001 – over 11 years and 11,000 miles […]

Whew! What an Adventure! (Darien Jungle, San Blas, Panama)

Doug & David enjoying the hike

Friday, February 29, 2008 Doug on sv Kristiana’s version of our 4 Wheel Adventure on Leap Day four years ago.. for my version, see yesterday’s post… Feb 29, 2012. One of the problems here in the San Blas Islands of Panama is that there really are no stores where you can buy anything. And there […]

Over the Mountain, Thru the Darian Jungle…Kuna Yala, Panama…

A post from our days cruising the San Blas Islands, Panama…. Leap day only happens once every four years (more or less)!  So it HAS to be a reason to celebrate, right?  🙂  What were YOU doing on the last Leap Day?  Let’s see, that would have been 2008 …. February 2008…. One of the […]

Super Bowl Sunday Cruiser Style

It shouldn’t come as any big surprise that the rest of the world doesn’t understand what all the fuss is about for Super Bowl Sunday.  So it’s up to us as cruisers to introduce them to the festivities and fun that they’re missing!  Of course, keep in mind, they all think “football” is soccer, so […]

A Funny Thing Happened on My Way to See Molas!

Here’s a Winterlude Update from our time in Kuna Yala, aka the San Blas Islands.  This day was one of the highlights of cruising the San Blas! ****** Everything about Kuna Yala is fascinating … the fact is that the Kuna have maintained their culture through the Spanish invasions in the 1500’s through the Panamanians […]