Checklist for Those Inevitable Transitions …

I hate leaving the boat. But it’s that time again (early this year since we’re headed west to explore national parks) Here’s our updated haulout/storage checklist if anyone needs a starting place.

Checklist to Leave the House

Fall is fast approaching meaning we’ll be leaving the house for several months. Need a starter checklist for leaving the house?

Checklist To Leave Boat For Hurricane Season

I have very mixed emotions on leaving s/v Winterlude for the summer. But it’s time. Here’s our annual free downloadable PDF checklist for Leaving The Boat – hopefully it’ll provide helpful insight as you develop your own checklist.

Leave The Boat on the Hard Checklist

Need a checklist to leave your boat out of the water (on the hard) for the first time? Here’s a downloadable PDF checklist we used while we were in Panama. Hopefully it’s a starting point for your own checklist.

Ready, Set, GO! Download Our Fall Maintenance Checklist.

Are you getting ready to return to your boat after hurricane season to enjoy another season in the tropics? Here’s our PDF checklist for maintenance and other necessary projects to get ready for your next adventure!

“Seasonal Cruising in the Bahamas: How Do You Do It?”

A recent post on an online bulletin board asks a lot of good questions about the logistics of seasonal cruising. How do you pick where to leave your boat, on the hard or in the water. How long does it take to get the boat ready to go after leaving it all summer?

Checklist to Leave the Boat for the Holidays

With the holiday season fast approaching, commuter cruisers may be thinking about leaving the boat and flying home to spend the season with family and grandkids! We didn’t always use a checklist to leave the boat for just a few weeks.   The first year we were cruising, we left the boat in Isla Mujeres, Mexico […]

Caretaker Checklist

Boat Diagram Posted Above Nav Desk

Specific expectations are critical to success when you have a caretaker watch your boat during hurricane season.  We like to leave written instructions for our caretaker.   That way he/she can remind themselves each time they’re aboard insuring that the requested tasks will be completed – well, more or less… If you’re leaving the boat […]

Checklist To Leave Boat in Water

Everyone has their own checklist to leave a boat in a marina in the water while you’re gone, but in case you’re just developing yours, here’s the one we use.  Not all the items apply every year depending on where we are, but hopefully this PDF provides a framework for you to think about your […]

Checklist to Leave Your Boat Out of a Hurricane Zone: Originally Published in Bluewater Sailing

This article written by Jan S. Irons appeared in Blue Water Sailing in the spring 2009.  Unfortunately I don’t have the real “reprint” to post, but this checklist provides valuable information on things to think about before leaving your boat for hurricane season if you are not in a hurricane zone.  Much of this information […]