New Boat: Where Do We Want to Explore?

Photo Courtesy of NASA

What do you do when you’re stuck at the very first step in selecting the right boat?

5 Things Before You Leave The Dock


Top 5 things not to leave til the last minute if you’re planning more than a daysail.

Pre-Overnight Maintenance Checklist

Winterlude Under Full Sail

Making a list, checking it twice … it’s not only the theme for this holiday season, but it’s a good idea to get in the habit before sailing.

Do Cruising Boats Need Insurance?

Winterlude in the Anchorage at Isla Mujeres - Dark Hull to the Left

Insurance … to buy or not to buy … every cruiser’s conundrum. Some tips from our experience.

Checklist to Leave the House

Sunrise over the Lake House

Fall is fast approaching meaning we’ll be leaving the house for several months. Need a starter checklist for leaving the house?

Financing The Dream: Sail Into The Sunset

Sunset on the Beach

One of the questions that comes up the most frequently has to do with how to deal with finances while cruising.

10 Ideas To Make Life Aboard Easier or Better

The best quick dry towel we've tried, and we've tried a bunch over the years.

Solving the stinky towel problem, having the right metric tool for that oddball project, to not tripping over 12v cords: 10 ideas to make life better or easier aboard the boat.

I Need a Plan

Ocracoke Island, October 2014 ... here we come!

Where to go? What to do? How’s a Type A managing with our new “it’s the journey, not the destination” philosophy?

Best Time To Go Cruising?

Crystal clear waters, sugar white sand, living the dream.

How to choose the best time in your life to go cruising. If you’re like us, it was a difficult decision with no right or wrong answers.

Every Time I Step Aboard …

Winterlude From Aloft

I am always amazed….