Battery Charger Saves the Day!

Our trusty West Marine Battery Charger saves the day yet again!

A portable battery charger has saved our day over and over … and over. Don’t be without one!

How We Use Our Honda 2000 …

Our Energizer Bunny, our 2004 vintage Honda 2000 - looks pretty good!

Our Honda 2000 generator is the most used last minute purchase we made before leaving the US. We wanted to be “green” and not use it, but… The reality is, we need it!

12v Charging Electronics on the Water or Road

The MagSafe adapter required for post 2012 MacBook Air - and the green light showing the laptop is topped off with juice.

Figuring out how to power my MacBook Air, our phones and other gadgets with 12 volt plugs we had added to the travel trailer (already in the boat), was a challenge! So far, so good!

10 Years Later … Outfitting For Cruising

David on the bow, Lighthouse Reef Atoll, Belize

Cruising gear: what works for us and the spare parts we’ve used and now will need to replace. Here’s some of our gear & what we think after 10 years, hopefully it’s helpful.

Easier Way to Get Batteries On or Off Boat

This rubber strap made carrying the batteries so much easier.

Changing out a house bank of batteries is never an easy chore – always requiring heavy lifting and sometimes from contorted positions under the cockpit.

House Battery Bank Dead Again?


Battery life aboard a boat is almost as big a discussion as which anchor to use. But unlike anchor selection, you usually don’t have to replace it an average of every 5 years.

Refrigeration Surprise: Half the Amps?!

Blue foam insulation "lids" - separate for the freezer side versus the refrigerator size

On most boats, refrigeration contributes more to daiily amp consumption than any other single item. So imagine our surprise to learn we could cut our amp consumption in HALF for our Adler Barbour ColdPlate! And it seems to be working!

New Best Cockpit Light! Solar! Under $15!


WOW! A new solar light that lights up my whole cockpit for dinner and costs less than $15! More here….

Cost Conscious Outfitting


Be very very careful while outfitting or upgrading your boat — costs vary widely for the exact same piece of equipment!   For example, we’re shopping to replace the gas lift springs that extend our solar panels up and down to maximize sun exposure.     To replace with the exact same lift spring, we need Attwood – […]

Protect Exposed Boat Wiring


Each year when we arrive back at the boat, it seems the exterior exposed wiring – especially to our running lights, bow and stern, was corroded and the lights wouldn’t work.  So one day, when David is standing on the dock at Shelter Bay Marina in Panama with his trusty wire brush getting the corrosion […]