Keepin’ the Beer COLD (Cerveza Fria!)

Ice Cold Beer!

Solving the age old crisis of keeping the beer chilled while drinking it …. one chilled beer at a time.

Where Has Your Boat Galley Cookbook Traveled?

The Boat Galley Cookbook aboard s/v Sionna, North Haven Island, Maine - THANKS to Keith & Niki for submitting this photo!

How many more countries and US states can we add to the Boat Galley Travels photo section? So far The Boat Galley Cookbook has traveled to 7 countries and 11 different states — all around the world! Please submit a photo of where your Boat Galley Cookbook has traveled – see the right side column to click the entry form! Cheers!

6 Months Later … Yeti vs Pelican vs Engel vs Grizzly vs Yukon … Revisited …

Grizzly Day 1

6 months later … our Grizzly premium cooler spent 3 months in the Florida Keys aboard the boat and 3 months camping from south Florida to the Southwest Utah desert canyons. Would we buy another “premium cooler”? How did it go?

Premium Coolers: Engel vs. Grizzly vs. Pelican vs. Yeti vs. Yukon

Grizzly Day 1

We finally broke down and bought a premium cooler, despite the marginal results of our Yeti test … which one did we pick, why and what other options did we consider?

To Yeti, or Not to Yeti ?

Close up of the same 24 hour test.

Are the new onslaught of “premium” coolers worth their cost? An unofficial test with a friend’s YETI Roadie 20 shows how long ice really lasts.

Shameless Self Promotion: The Boat Galley Cookbook FREE PDF Sample!

My copy of The Boat Galley Cookbook - getting a bit dog earred!

For anyone that didn’t know The Boat Galley Cookbook existed, shameless self promotion! And THANKS to those that have already purchased this indispensable (co-author’s opinion!) reference book for their boat, RV or small landlocked kitchen!

Which Microwave Steamer Is Best?

Almost ready for the initial trial.

Who knew my favorite old microwave steamer was unsafe, until I did some research for a new one for the trailer. I’m going to replace the one at the lake and the one on the boat with this one.

Dinner Cooks Itself. Thermal Cooker Aboard?

Crockpot Lasagna ... Recipe below.   Not exactly like the real thing, but close enough to be devoured.

Dinner waiting when I’m exhausted from snorkeling all day, or hiking over a spectacular mountain pass? Yes, please!

10 Years Later … Outfitting For Cruising

David on the bow, Lighthouse Reef Atoll, Belize

Cruising gear: what works for us and the spare parts we’ve used and now will need to replace. Here’s some of our gear & what we think after 10 years, hopefully it’s helpful.

Refrigeration Saga: Don’t Forget the Seals

After only two weeks, the Adler Barber Cold Plate is covered with a half inch of frost.  :(

As you may recall, in this ongoing saga, when the refrigeration specialist visited us, he diagnosed excess refrigerant as the cause of our frustrations with the fridge refusing to cycle.  After bleeding off some refrigerant, the fridge cycled perfectly.  But then he recommended removing the speed resistor to decrease the amps per hour from 6 […]