Get Rid of Boat Odors!

The #1 rule — if the boat smells there’s a reason and the culprit is likely better at playing hide n seek than you are at finding the source of the smell! Need help finding the issue?

Keepin’ the Beer COLD (Cerveza Fria!)

Solving the age old crisis of keeping the beer chilled while drinking it …. one chilled beer at a time.

Live-Aboards: Need a Good Screen Enclosure?

Live-aboards? Need a sturdy, one piece pop-up screen enclosure for your “outdoor living area”? Or anyone that wants a study, one piece pop-up, quick set-up screen enclosure … take a look at Clam Outdoors “Quick-Set” series of enclosures.

6 Months Later … Yeti vs Pelican vs Engel vs Grizzly vs Yukon … Revisited …

6 months later … our Grizzly premium cooler spent 3 months in the Florida Keys aboard the boat and 3 months camping from south Florida to the Southwest Utah desert canyons. Would we buy another “premium cooler”? How did it go?

Tips for Buying a Boat Ladder

Buying the right boat ladder turned out to be more complicated than we realized!

The Last Shower….

You don’t think about a good hot shower until you leave a land-base to go cruising or camping. We have a new 12 star rating system for marina (and campground) showers. Check it out & help us compile 12 star shower facilities.

10 Ideas To Make Life Aboard Easier or Better

Solving the stinky towel problem, having the right metric tool for that oddball project, to not tripping over 12v cords: 10 ideas to make life better or easier aboard the boat.

Isn’t SW Florida in the Subtropics?

sv Winterlude is a tropical boat with no heat. Which usually is just fine. The last couple days have been a bit challenging. Besides chili, here’s how we stay warm.

Dinghy Accessory: New Dry Bag

Dry bags are an important part of our dinghy equipment. When we left our favorite dinghy dry bag behind this winter, we accidentally found my new favorite dry bag.

Don’t Go Cruising Without Ventilation During Sideways Downpours

Don’t go cruising without carefully thinking through ventilation! Can you leave your hatches open during several days of windy miserable monsoon, like when a trough stalls on top of you? If you can’t, you’ll be wishing you had thought through these issues before you left the dock.